Mar 23, 2010

Lakme Nirvana Facial Review

I haven't posted in a really long some problems with my computer..and oh, I don't have a camera..hopefully, all that will be solved soon. But wait..I don't need a camera to do a review on a lakme facial where I was half asleep anyway, do I? So here I go...

Lakme Nirvana - Cost - 2800 Rs plus tax.
Place: Lakme, Koramangala

What you get - Combines a facial plus a relaxing oriental massage with poultice bundles for your hands, feet, and back - that's how the girl at Lakme described it. Oh wow..sign me up!

This service was done by two attendants simultaneously. One of them did the facial while another did the reflexology kind of massage for my feet - almost half my leg actually - with a WHOLE lot of oil. Same for my hands. Then comes the poultice bundle - a potli of herbs which is kept warm in what seemed to be a wax warmer! This was fun..except..the edges of the potli were I guess touching the sides of the wax warmer and had gotten seriously HOT..and that wasn't pleasant! Then I get a face pack and the lady asks me to sit up so she could do the back massage. Whole lot of oil and a bit of kneading and massaging later...the same thing with the poultice bundles...and I am left alone till the face mask dries and the whole thing is over. I think it takes about 1-1/2 hours. Oh and they do a really light head massage too...more like an extension to your forehead massage.

Would I try it again? Not really...If I have 2800 lying around and haven't found any better place to try to spend that case ya I might. Two conditions though

1. Get the back massage FIRST when I am lying down. Sitting up and getting a back massage with a face mask on was so stupid!
2. Those poultice bundles better be the right hot edges!

Don't know if they are really using any proper reflexology there or is it just a regular oil massage which can't go very wrong! Oh a hair wash is included to clean up the oil from your hair.

Edited to add:  I think the salon I went to was a franchisee-owned salon and not owned/operated by Lakme directly - might be wrong about this, but that's what I thinkkk.  Anywho, not sure if the experience at a proper Lakme salon would be the same.  I think it would be much more efficient, though I haven't tried it out for myself to tell for sure.


  1. u have picked a nice color !! btw I called u somany times...can u send me ur number. i have this thing called vonage so u know i can talk unlimited..i love my laptop..very efficient. lets talk leave, i will check Twi..what is the ideal time to talk to u?

  2. omg love the look of ur blog...send me the link..i love love it..

  3. this'n this way to expensive ? sorry its just that i am a lil ignorant in the department :)
    Nice to find a bangalore based blog:)

    P.S i went hunting for the trousers all over town but didn't find them so i made them myself .You could do this with your old trousers you know :)

  4. Ya I think it is..if I am correct this is the highest on their list of facials. What's bad is I don't think they do it properly enough to warrant that price tag. I go to some place like this maybe twice or thrice a I amn't that qualified either :-) Thought I will try it cos of the massage.

  5. If any of you ever visit Chennai, visit this place called Femina in Ashok Nagar. In 2007 I stayed in chennai for almost 12 months and I got full facial done everymonth. Full facial shehnaz gold is 1000 rupees, you get a full body massage. Very friendly people and they are very good listeners too. other procedures like waxing pedicure is not expensive either. Okay! I love Facials and I do it everymonth. here in the US I do once in 2 months. Rads have you visited green trends, I have gone there twice and its a total waste of money.

  6. Green Trends not here in Bangalore but my sis told me about it. I don't think everything in Lakme is this pricey. This is their high-end facial, and I suppose it depends on who does it. If I knew more about it before going in, I would have given them clear instructions on how I need it done :-) They have pretty reasonably priced facials too, though they charge I suppose cos of the Lakme brand. Their vitamin C facial is pretty good, again expensive at 1300, but works.

  7. Dear Radhika,

    You have a lovely and interesting blog. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and saying good words.

    Have a great day ahead Radhika.



  8. I always wanted to know about Lakme Salon. Glad you wrote this post. They are pretty expensive. Isn't it?

  9. Hey Rati :-) Yes, they are expensive, but they do have some reasonably priced services too. All these facials come under an advanced facial category, which if I remember correctly start at 1000. They have a few "sadharans" below 1000. A fresh fruit cleanup was 350. Someday I should get their rate chart and put it up here.

  10. Hi Rads...Glad that your blog is back. This Lakme Salon treatment sounds very pampering and relaxing. Oh, and I wanted to ask you something about a Shiseido product, I will go through your posts and if I don't find it, then I'll trouble you. Thanks.

  11. Sure Sabrina :) :) Nirvana facials are only available at Lakme Studio now..not at Lakme Salons..the two are different. This review of mine was when I got it done at Lakme Salon.

  12. OK, I found what I was looking for - Shiseido Pureness Mattifying Moisturiser. A very helpful review. Am thinking of this, after my L'oreal Hydrafresh gel-creme gets finished. (Trying to stop hoarding stuff!!).

  13. Do you have oily skin? Otherwise it might be a bit drying :)

  14. I have an oil slick on my face most of the time, except a bit less in winter.


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