May 26, 2010

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick - Captive (76)

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick Captive 76
Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick Captive

An instant icon, this luxurious lipstick formula combines lustrous colour, sensational comfort and fabulous wear. Purely Chanel: the subtly etched, world-renowned logo, and an elegant click-open case that provides a most glamorous effect when applying colour.

The packaging of this is definitely different. A sleek glossy black case which is one piece. To open, press the gold base - a push-button mechanism - click to open, click to close. 

May 25, 2010

Lush Sweet Japanese Girl Facial Massage Bar Scrub

"Regular readers of the Lush Times will know all about Noriko, our Japanese Lush skincare specialist who spent a while last year working on new products. She and Helen developed Sweet Japanese Girl together. We hand make each one in a Japanese sweetmeat mould, it's sweet little face with its chubby cheeks represents beauty. Massage the bar into the congested parts of the facial skin; tea tree and juniperberry oils help to clear up the skin, ground almonds and aduki beans exfoliate it and the natural oils add moisture. Wipe off with warm water on 100% cotton wool or a soft face cloth and your face will feel soft, clean and relaxed but nicely scrubbed."

Lush Sweet Japanese Girl  Facial Massage Bar Scrub - Review
Lush Sweet Japanese Girl Facial Massage Bar Scrub

That was the charming Lush description for the product that I have picked for review today.  The Sweet Japanese Girl is a massage bar for the face - a round bar moulded into the shape of a face.

May 20, 2010

Flipkart - Online Bookstore, India

I pick up a book or two every other month or so - no particular topic - anything that seems nice or I read reviews about elsewhere. Got to know from my sister about Flipkart, on online book store.  This is my first time buying a book from here, well first time buying a book online.

flipkart online book store shopping experience reviews

Just a short review about what I liked about it.
1. Easy to browse/search for titles with a convenient search bar.

2. No Shipping Charges for orders above Rs. 100 with an easy online payment option. They have also started a Cash on Delivery option now.

3. They seem to have discounts on almost all books. I had checked the prices of a few books with other stores like Crosswords and Shankars and found it cheaper here.

4. Availability of books is pretty good. They also have a "notify me" feature if the book you are searching for is currently unavailable.

5. Can track your order status and the shipping is pretty fast too. The book I had ordered was due to in about a month's time (since it was not currently in stock) but I got it in about 15 days and was informed regarding the delivery by mail.

6. The packaging was pretty sturdy. No worries about the book getting damaged in anyway en route :-)

Of course, I would miss out on physically touching and seeing books and browsing through them, but I can always go to Landmark to do that. Anyone else tried buying books online? Would love to know where you get books from - library, store, friend :-)

This is the book I picked up - will write a bit on it some other time - maybe tomorrow - work calling...tataaaaa :-)

May 19, 2010

Review: Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte Powder Makeup - SPF 10

Review:  Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte Powder Makeup - SPF 10
Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte Powder Makeup - SPF 10

My skin-type: Oily-combination skin type. 

Requirement - A mattifying foundation BUT I don't want a matte look! Yes, i know, thats pretty contradictory, but somehow the matte finish products just made me look dull and ashy and generally unwell; anything else just made my face oily and/or caused breakouts.

My search for the ideal foundation has been on for quite some time. Started with Lakme souffle, liked it, but it really didn't make any difference to my face. Have tried Avon which is pretty good at mattifying, but I tend to get this cakey-ashy look with it. Discovered mineral makeup - Maybelline mineral foundation - pretty good, at least it didn't cause any of my usual skin break-outs. Again the problem with the dull look if I put too much, and a light coverage would never last more than 2 hours. Finally, I gave up and was using just powder - no foundation. Always envied the clean fresh look on other people but was resigned to never getting it myself until I found this :-)

May 12, 2010

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Mask

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Mask - Review
Neutrogena Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Mask

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Masks are cloth/sheet mask and are available in a pack with 5 individually packed masks. The mask itself is a thin, slightly stretchy, cotton-like cloth. It comes presoaked in what Neutrogena calls the "essence." I suppose its some kind of a brightening serum.  To use, open the mask and place on face for 15 minutes. No instructions on what to do after taking off the mask, so I just massage the serum/lotion into my skin.

May 10, 2010

Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner - Photos, Swatches, Review

Retractable, self-sharpening (their claim), the Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner Pencils have been my only eyeliners for a long time now.   I don't like the harsh lines from liquid liners, so these are my superfast, supereasy means to looking awake :P

Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliners Pencils - Emerald Cosmic Brown Majestic Plum Blackest Black Starry Night Blue - Swatches Photos Review
Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliners

The packaging of the Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner Pencil is pretty simple.  Remove cap, twist to get the required length out, and swipe.  The earlier grey blue colour of the pencil casing has been changed to a neater black now.  The product itself is pretty smooth and goes on the skin without any tugging.  The self-sharpening bit - well, it doesn't really sharpen, more like you dont need to sharpen the tip.  It's pretty thin anyway so this is a non-issue.