May 20, 2010

Flipkart - Online Bookstore, India

I pick up a book or two every other month or so - no particular topic - anything that seems nice or I read reviews about elsewhere. Got to know from my sister about Flipkart, on online book store.  This is my first time buying a book from here, well first time buying a book online.

flipkart online book store shopping experience reviews

Just a short review about what I liked about it.
1. Easy to browse/search for titles with a convenient search bar.

2. No Shipping Charges for orders above Rs. 100 with an easy online payment option. They have also started a Cash on Delivery option now.

3. They seem to have discounts on almost all books. I had checked the prices of a few books with other stores like Crosswords and Shankars and found it cheaper here.

4. Availability of books is pretty good. They also have a "notify me" feature if the book you are searching for is currently unavailable.

5. Can track your order status and the shipping is pretty fast too. The book I had ordered was due to in about a month's time (since it was not currently in stock) but I got it in about 15 days and was informed regarding the delivery by mail.

6. The packaging was pretty sturdy. No worries about the book getting damaged in anyway en route :-)

Of course, I would miss out on physically touching and seeing books and browsing through them, but I can always go to Landmark to do that. Anyone else tried buying books online? Would love to know where you get books from - library, store, friend :-)

This is the book I picked up - will write a bit on it some other time - maybe tomorrow - work calling...tataaaaa :-)