Jun 7, 2010

Lakme Face Sheer Desert Rose

What it is:  Sun soaked irridescent pigments that tint, highlight and layer for lovely cheek and face color.

How to use: Twist to open. Tap to infuse sponge with color. Layer to build gorgeous sunny cheek color or lightly go over face for that just-back- from-a-tropical-island holiday look. Twist to close.

This is a part of a Wendell Rodricks collection for Lakme - came out in 2008. Did I tell you I hadn't updated my makeup stash in a long time??

My experience
This is a very nice product - at least for a makeup dodo like me. Just twist the sponge top and dab the product on to your cheeks. The colour does not come on all golden shimmery right away - you can easily build it up. I don't know if this is a blush or a bronzer - maybe the makeup enthusiasts can clarify that for me :-) Either way, its just the right colour for me. It has some very fine shimmer in it, but it's very wearable in the day time. Maybe not for a more formal office environment - I haven't worked at a place like that, so I am won't be too sure. I have pretty sensitive skin, and this did not cause any breakouts or problems at all.

The shade I bought is Desert Rose. It doesn't look anything like the shades on the site. Its a peachy-coral shade with very fine shimmers in it.  The first pic is how the powder looks when just streaked on with my finger. On blending, it just disappears and leaves just a faint peachy shimmer which is just awesome. Of course, with the sponge on, you would get this effect without much of a blending.

Lakme Face Sheer Blush Bronzer Desert Rose - Swatch
Lakme Face Sheer Blush/Bronzer - Desert Rose - Swatch
lakme face sheer desert rose swatches reviews powder blush bronzer
Lakme Face Sheer Blush/Bronzer - Desert Rose - Swatch (blended)

What I didn't like about it: The sponge applicator portion. I have a problem with it because I cannot wash it, and I feel it must be getting dirty with use, won't it? I didn't get to test how long this would stay intact though because I took it with me on ONE flight - and the result - the contents of my packet were POWDERED GLITTERY. Thankfully, I had the sense to pack my makeup separately but, of course, didn't have the sense to pack each item separately! Granted it was a LONG flight, but still, I was pretty disappointed the powder had leaked out of the gaps in container. The sponge and the container were totally drenched and absolutely wasted. In my attempt to clean up the mess, I ended up ripping out the sponge and am now left with this :P

Lakme Face Sheer Blush Bronzer Desert Rose - Swatch - Review
Lakme Face Sheer

Am still not complaining, cos this is really old; I just can forget about carrying it along anywhere now, though!

There is a whole lot of product in this. I lost a good amount in my flight mishap and the subsequent cleanup. Also gave some off to my friend because now the product flows freely through those holes. I still have quite a bit remaining. Need to use very little, and this will last a long time - so totally worth the cost.

Cost : Rs. 350 - 4 g (info - Lakme counter, Westside). I bought mine for much lesser from the Lakme counter at MEG Center, Bangalore..ages back...do check it out if you can...they have some good discounts.

Key Ingredients: Talc, Zinc stearate, Approved colours.

Lakme Face Sheer Blush Bronzer Desert Rose - Ingredients
Lakme Face Sheer Blush - Desert Rose - Ingredients

Shades available: (Info from Lakme ) - In my opinion, this is absolutely not accurate! I thought all of them looked like the powdered version of Sun Kissed in the second pic.

Lakme Face Sheer - Earth Blaze - Desert Rose - Sun Kissed
Lakme Face Sheer Blush - Shades

I tried all three shades at the counter. I liked Desert Rose the most because it seemed to have a more subdued shimmer, but there is no very obvious difference among them colour-wise - at least not like how it is shown above in the shade guide! Maybe it was just the lighting in the store, but if anyone has tried this, do share your opinion :-)

A good thing with the packaging, the top has a highly reflective mirror-like surface, not an actual glass-mirror though, and perfect size, so you don't need another mirror to look into while applying this.

Lakme Face Sheer Blush Bronzer Desert Rose - Swatch - Review
Lakme Face Sheer Blush - Mirror on cap

Final Verdict: Loving it (even with the wasted packaging that I am left with now)