Jul 16, 2010

Review: Lush Colour Supplements - Dark Yellow

Lush Colour Supplements - Dark Yellow - Review
Lush Colour Supplements - Dark Yellow

Lush Colour Supplement is a multipurpose base that can be used as a concealer, foundation, or even thinned down to a tinted moisturizer.  The customizable coverage is provided by thinning out the product, either by applying a smaller quantity or by mixing it in with a moisturizer to thin out the pigmentation.  The product has a creamy consistency and is packed in small glass jars.  You can use clean fingers or a clean spatula to pick up product.

These colour supplements are available in 4 shades - dark yellow, light yellow, dark pink, and light pink - and because the coverage/pigmentation of the product can be adjusted, these basic colors are supposed to work across a variety of skin tones.  I have read people complaining about this limited shade choice - some have had to blend two shades to get their match.  For me, both the dark and the light yellow colour supplement seemed quite similar and matched my skin tone when I tried it in the store.   I picked the dark yellow colour supplement choosing to go for a darker colour rather than risk an ashy look with a lighter colour.  My swatches below are quite blurred - I took in store with a barely functional phone camera - but you can get an idea about the color range, I hope.

Lush Colour Supplements - Swatches - Dark - light yellow - pink
Lush Colour Supplements - Swatches:
L to R: Dark yellow, light yellow, dark pink, light pink.

Here's what worked for me with Lush Colour Supplements.
  • I got the perfect shade matching without any problem.  Since the product is so concentrated and would benefit with a bit of sheering down, I do believe one or the other shade would match most people's skin tones.
  • The Lush Colour Supplements are creamy and feel like I am applying my moisturizer.  They blend easily into the skin, just like a cream, but because there are no silicones in it, there is no velvety smooth feel to the skin.
  • Travel-friendly jar packaging. The jar, once the cap is securely screwed on, will not leak and is quite nonmessy, unless decide to open it upside down or something!  It's also quite a small, compact jar so it is easy to travel with.
  • Since the product is so concentrated, a little bit goes a long way.  A few dots are sufficient to provide medium coverage.
  • Suitable for vegans: I am a vegetarian (only because I happen to find vegetarian food tastier), not a vegan, so this is really not a deciding factor for me.  I do respect and appreciate the fact that there are people out there who are so passionate about this.

What I didn't like about the Lush Colour Supplements:  Per Lush, you can use this as a foundation, a tinted moisturizer, and a concealer.  I tried out all three ways.  The Lush Colour Supplements did not work as an effective foundation, tinted moisturizer, or a concealer, in my personal experience. While it did provide coverage when applied initially, it made my skin very oily, and whatever coverage it provided disappeared in the subsequent oily mess.  I do have oily-combination skin type, and based on my experience, I am guessing this might be a better pick for those with less oily skin.  Also, probably because there are no silicones in it, the product doesn't feel like it's gliding on to skin like velvet, and if you have any dry patches of skin it tends to latch on to that.  

Lush Colour Supplements - Ingredients (Dark Yellow):  Fresh Rose Petal infusion (Rosa damascena), Soya oil (Glycine soja), Titanium dioxide, Rice Bran oil (Oryza sativa), Stearic Acid, Gycerine, Triethenolamine, Colour 77492, Cetearyl Alcohol, Colour 77499, Colour 77491, methylparaben, propylparaben.


  1. Such a loser product. boy!! thank god i didn't fall for it too much. I was not excited mainly because of the shades but oh no!!:(

    Feeling sorry for you. you better stick to ahem ahem. :P

  2. Hehehehehee...true..never ever anything else!

  3. awwww... Thats bad ... I was expecting it to be Colossal genius :( .. Oh my !
    But Thanks for the review .. you have helped many Oily combo skin ladies (Points at herself)
    I also checked the Lush CS ..and the colors seemed a bit off .. I had o mix dark yellow and ligh one in equal parts .. that was the bummer .. I cant spend 2000 Bucks on a foundation/concealer/TM :P
    I will get a MAC foundie now :D
    Thanks for the honest review gurl :)

  4. True Palak..I was so excited ever since I saw it on your blog! For the price tag, I was really expecting too much I guess. Its best to stick to tried and tested stuff, and if you are already using a liquid foundation, mixing it with a regular moisturizer would give a tinted moisturizer result anyway! Lesson learned :-(

  5. Awwww.... Too bad ya, I like your suggestion to try this & walk around for 3-4 hours before purchase. But the price, goodness! 900 bucks is too much for a TM that gives sheer coverage. Honest review & I liked reading it a lot :D

  6. Seriously, the price is atrocious! That's in the MAC league without the MAC quality..


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