Jul 20, 2010

Shiseido Hydro-balancing Softener

The Skincare is a line of Shiseido's skincare products catering specifically to normal skin - provide hydration. My skin being a ridiculous mix of dry forehead and oily nose and cheeks, I am currently trying out a mild softening lotion meant for hydrating skin with a moisturizer meant for oily skins. I picked this particular product after reading Chizu Saeki's book.  My logic was pretty simple, Japanese author, Japanese brand :P

Shiseido Skincare Hydrobalancing Lotion
Shiseido Hydro-balancing Softener

Softeners/softening lotions are are similar to toners, but serve a slightly different purpose. Toners generally (according to me, that is :P) are recommended for an astringent action on open pores and to remove any makeup/cleanser traces left behind after cleansing the face. Softener/softening lotions on the other hand work on hydrating the skin and provide it a bit of moisture so it better absorbs the next step - the moisturizer. I suppose that should make rose water a good softener :-)

Cleansing - Softener - Moisturize:  that's how the Shiseido program works.

Shiseido's Hydro-Balancing alcohol-free softener comes in a clearish plastic bottle with a pump mechanism for dispensing. The lid snaps in place. It doesn't leak if you don't leave it standing, but I don't think it would be absolutely leak-proof or spill-proof while traveling.

Shiseido Skincare Hydrobalancing Lotion
Shiseido Hydro-balancing Softener
Shiseido Hydro-balancing Softener Lotion
Shiseido Hydro-balancing Softener
Shiseido Hydro-balancing Softener - Use
Shiseido Hydro-balancing Softening Lotion - How to Use

The product itself looks and feels like water with a very mild fragrance to it.  Used as directed, the cotton pad won't pick up much unless your face is really dirty/grimy. The theory about using a toner for removing any traces of cleanser/makeup left behind won't really work very well with this product. It is meant to be used the way Shiseido suggests, to provide moisture to the skin so the moisturizer soaks in easier. Its just like using rose water to wipe your face, gives a little moisture boost.

Shiseido Skincare Hydrobalancing Lotion
I pour the softening lotion into a spritzer bottle and use that to mist my face.

For times when I do use this to wipe over my face, I have actually kept some of this in a spray bottle, so I can spray this on the cotton square instead of squirting it. Spraying ensures that the product gets evenly distributed over the cotton without it just getting soaked into the cotton in one area. I actually prefer doing this with any toner/softener - feel it saves on the product :-) 

Cost: Rs. 1700/150 mL. Bought this to try the Chizu Saeki lotion mask. My friend got similar results with the Fab India lavender water toner, and I would prefer something much cheaper if I can get the same results. 

  • It is mild and does not irritate my skin and has not caused it to break out into pimples. This is usually my biggest concern with any product. Rose water also causes me to get teeny pimples sometimes - different results with different brands. I suppose I do have sensitive skin!
  • This works superbly when used for the lotion mask, but then I suspect so would rose water :P

Shiseido Skincare Hydrobalancing Lotion Ingredients
Shiseido Hydro-balancing Softener - Ingredients

In a nutshell :-)
  • A mild product, works for my sensitive skin.
  • Is expensive.
  • Has a lot of synthetic ingredients.
Worth a purchase?
Now that is totally up to you :P.   I like the results enough to repurchase.