Aug 25, 2010

The Body Shop Peppermint Purifying Foot Mask Vs Lush Volcano Foot Mask and Scrub

Foot masks are something I started using only recently - I am finding are quite a treat for my feet. Working very much like their counterparts for the face, they promise to leave your feet clean, fresh, and happy.  The two products I am comparing here are the only two masks I have tried.

lush volcano foot mask and scrub bodyshop peppermint purifying reviews


tbs peppermint purifying bodyshop foot mask reviews

Claim: Deep cleansing clay and refreshing community trade peppermint oil soothes and purified tired feet.

TBS Peppermint Purifying Foot Mask Ingredients:

TBS Bodyshop Peppermint Purifying Foot Mask reviews Ingredients

How to use TBS Peppermint Purifying Foot Mask:

Massage onto feet, leave for 10 minutes, rinse off.

My experience with TBS Peppermint Purifying Foot Mask:

This is a creamy paste that comes packaged in a tube. You squeeze out enough to generously coat your feet, wait for 10 minutes, wash off. It comes off easily enough with water and feels a bit soapy. Used this way, it is at best an okay mask. I get better results when I apply this and then wrap my feet with cling wrap. I feel it helps the oils in the mask to soak in better.

TBS Peppermint Purifying Foot Mask Reviews Ingredients bodyshop
TBS Peppermint Purifying Foot Mask Bodyshop Reviews Ingredients

TBS Peppermint Purifying Foot Mask - The Good:

  • The tube packaging. Ensures the product does not dry out, very easy to use.
  • The mint gives a fresh feeling to the feet soon as you apply this mask.
  • It does not dry out, so no bits falling all over the place.
  • Has a comparitively longer shelf life. The tube I have is missing its expiry date sticker, but generally most TBS products have pretty long shelf lives.

TBS Peppermint Purifying Foot Mask - The Maybe Bad:

It is an okay mask. It leaves your feet feeling fresh and soft, but nothing amazing. It is also relatively expensive.  TBS Pepermint Purifying Foot Mask Cost: Rs. 845 for 100 mL


lush volcano foot mask and scrub reviews

Claim: This thick effective mask has clays to draw out deep-down-dirt, fresh papaya and lemon for cleansing, deodorising tomatoes, astringent herbal decoctions and anti-fungal essential oils. Plaster your feet, wrap them up in saved plastic and read a book for ten minutes. Unwrap, massage the mask into your feet to scrub off dead skin cells. Rinse thoroughly for a lovely fresh feeling.

Lush Volcano Foot Scrub and Mask Ingredients:

lush volcano foot mask and scrub reviews ingredients

Lush Volcano Foot Scrub and Mask - How to Use:

Cover your feet in Volcano mask, wrap them in plastic bags or film, leave on for 10 minutes. Then massage in to scrub away old skin and rinse off thoroughly.

My experience with Lush Volcano Foot Scrub and Mask:

I use it exactly as per instructions - prefer using cling wrap to the plastic bags because they..errr..cling better :P This mask isn't named Volcano for nothing. Your feet go warm and then cold, and warm and then cold. You can help things move along better by just covering your feet with a warm towel or a blanket or some really loose socks. While washing off, scrub the mask off, and there you have it - clean, soft feet!

Lush Volcano Foot Scrub and Mask - The Good:

  • The thing about Lush is, they stuff their products with all the fruits and vegetables they can lay their hands on. Just take a look at the ingredient list, and you will know. Companies that claim to use natural products command a higher price tag, and with Lush at least I am getting a lot more of the naturals.
  • Love the hot-cold feeling that comes with this mask. Feel like it really wakes my feet up :-)
  • I know most sensible people soak and scrub their feet and the foot mask is usually last step. I am, however, very lazy. This foot mask has pumice in it, and when you wash off with a bit of scrubbing, you can get amazing results. Now you can be lazy and still get happy feet. You do have to use the mask though :P

What I absolutely do not like about Lush Volcano Foot Scrub and Mask:

  • To start of, this is not the easiest product to spread on. It is a thickish grayish product - you scoop it out of the tub and spread it on. Easier said than done! It tends to go on clumpy because it is just about barely moist, and you make a not-so-pretty mess all around wherever you are sitting because of bits falling off. Of course, once you wrap your feet its all over, but still, its a pain until then.
  • The product comes with an expiry date of about 3 months, I think. If you are not careful, though, you will end up with the product drying up in the tub long before that! Make sure you keep the tub closed properly at all times.
lush volcano foot mask and scrub reviews
I have used the mask way  beyond its expiry date, and it works perfectly fine. The hot-cold sensation isn't so obvious as it gets old, but it is just as effective on cleaning up my feet.  As the product dries up in the tub, I just break it into chunks, make a paste with some water, and brush it on my feet.

Lush Volcano Foot Scrub and Mask Cost:  $21.95/11.1 oz and $12.95/3.5 oz

Among the two products I have reviewed I prefer the Lush Volcano Foot Mask and Scrub over the TBS Peppermint Purifying Foot Mask because:
  • Scrub + mask in one product.
  • More product for lesser price.
However, if you don't use foot masks all that very regularly, don't mind extra step of soaking your feet for about 5-10 minutes in warm water and giving them a bit of a scrub, then go for the TBS Peppermint Mask because its non-messy and lasts longer.

So which one would you prefer? Any other recommendations for a good foot mask?

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  1. hey nice review. will be goin to body shop soon i think i will giv their mask a try. happy bloggin.

  2. Tx IMW :-) Try picking up on sale..forgot to mention that, but I picked it up on sale at 50% off :D :D

  3. wow thats great rads u got it on sale :) i just bought Dr.Scholls refreshing foot soak ... however i didnt used it:( ...
    i liked the idea of foot scrub though will have to see it in person :)
    what would you rec. should one buy first from LUSH ??? i mean i am asking if i go to lush store what should i pick first ???

  4. Try their fresh face masks - most people love them. They are all natural, and have to be kept in the fridge otherwise they get spoilt. Don't buy 0.5 g also more than the minimum 100 g, because they expire in about a month.

  5. ohh okay so you mean less then 100 gms right?

    i saw ur post on oily skin prod that worked for me ...
    my skin is also combo so i will buy the one u posted will have to again check the name :)
    thanks rads :)

  6. Sorry I confused you. You have to buy a minimum quantity of 100 g, so buy only that much. Sometimes na when they are weighing, very smart these people are, they will tell you madam it became 120 g, is it okay? You say no, I need 100 g only.

  7. okay now i got it:)
    and rads one suggestion here dear...
    i know quite a few of us would like to see the categories specified pls add that widget in sidebar..
    like if i want to see any brand i can just click and see :)

  8. There's a box on top - product reviews - brands. That might help.

  9. That's one thing. I also have a thing called "Labels" - will be there at the end of each you can click on that and see other related posts too. Hope that helps.

  10. You guys are tempting me with too many products :D

  11. That's your punishment for the Clarins gift :P :P

  12. Oh!! I didn't tell you abt YSL and EL gifts... ha ha ha

  13. Grrrrrrrrrrr..where is that greenie face when I need it.

  14. Awww... Hey I'm gonna try using Aloe Vera gel and nutmeg powder on the scars.. I'll let you know if it works.. If it doesn't, I'll buy the Lancome product :)

  15. Yup will wait then for your verdict :-)

  16. should i say which I'd buy? ;) but then doesnt volcano smell quite awful?

    Rashmi - Coal Face is one of Lush's most raved abt and most selling ones. its a face cleanser (looks like block of coal! soon reviewing it)
    To me: Angels on Bare Skin - again a facial cleanser cum slight scrub; Running to the embassy Foot scrub - which I have reviewed on my spot; Honey Trap Lip Balm; and Flying Fox Shower Gel - are those I dont live without usually:)
    And if u can try the Buffy (bum scrub yea!) and Aqua Mirabilus (body scrub)
    [ok I am not as crazy of Lush as it seems, as I zeroed in on these and a little bit more after a bit ;)]

  17. Oh..didnt find it awful at all :D

    Coal face - I liked it too, but I felt it dried my face out a little too much, and both Coal face as well as the choc fresh mask made my face look really dark and dry :-(
    AOBS - good, but more for dry skin I think. Have reviewed it earlier.
    Running to Embassy - next on my list :D
    Buffy..yup the backside it :D

    Gaea, you can never be Lush-crazy enough here :D :D

  18. ok will try Volcano then :)

    yea i got coal face now as i am tending to oily; and AOBS for winter - it suits me most times (i guess!)

    i know ;) this one i win :D

  19. It might also be that Bangalore climate is a bit drying - don't know about your place.

  20. o, Pune is far drier. when its sun it pinches and pricks. in winter it peels and erodes :)

    ok the weather is not as bad as i make it out to be ;)

    plus somehow i always liked that slight natural sheen on my face, that others usually call "oily" :p

  21. Oh..didn't know that. I have been in Pune for 1 month when I was in fifth std I think...and can't remember anything about the place :-( Slight natural sheen..yup yup..I have it too..the glow factor :D

  22. thanks gaea and rads i am going tomm ... have planned :) lets see if it works will update what i picked :)

    thanks sweeties:) have to note down all that u have mentioned dear:)

  23. Yayyy..more Lushies :D What's your favorite Lush product, Rajni?

  24. Oh. I've never even heard of foot masks before. They sure know how to make a lot of products, those people! :) I'm sure my feet could need one, though. Maybe I'll try one of these? :)

  25. Neither did I..the Lush one was my first foot mask :D

  26. Have never used foot masks. so super lazy but i am tempted to buy the tbs one now. Like the squeezy tubes.

    Recommendations ummm *ashamed*

  27. Lush is my pick too!
    Avon's foot care range is good & economical.. they have foot creams & soaks but no masks. Worth a try if u dont want to burn a whole in ur pocket ;)
    Rads,nice review btw!

  28. This was such a fun post.. enjoyed reading it :)

  29. Inky-Pinky - I use the Avon Foot Works soak and scrub..find them pretty good and, of course, the best for keeping the pocket intact :D

    Tanveer :-)

  30. Feel both are really expensive and I am too lazy for masks :(

  31. Lazy me too :P The TBS one I got on sale, so I was really happy :D

  32. Knock Knock...You forgotten me?...I wont let you:P

  33. Hehehehee..nope just a lil busy with my work right now :D I did peep in at your Rakhi look and stared and stared at the pearl necklace :P :P


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