Yay and a Nay! Freebie Review: Shiseido The Skincare Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam and Eye Soother

These are two samples I got on my last purchase from Shiseido, and since they are pretty short reviews, I thought I might do both together. Both products are from The Skincare range from Shiseido. The products in this range are meant for normal skin..not too oily, and not dry either. To let skin create its own moisture is the principle in this range. All the products in this line share a faint pleasant fragrance, which I really cannot describe. Its just there, and I do not think it would bother anyone at all. Both samples are 5 mL tubes, and in both cases the samples lasted me long enough to be worth a review.


shiseido the skincare reviews extra gentle cream cleanser

This is a white creamy-mousse texture. Take a small amount in your hand, work up into a lather, and then apply it over wet face. Pretty much like any other regular face wash, but you do need to use a lesser quantity than you would of regular face washes. The small 5 mL tube lasted a longish while. 

shiseido the skincare reviews extra gentle cream cleanser

  • Leaves the skin clean - very clean - but absolutely not dry. Now, I do have a combination-oily/acne-prone skin, but this did not make skin oily or feel oily or inadequately cleansed. Just clean and moist.
  • Takes off every bit of makeup that I might have on my face - makes me wonder how its so gentle yet works so well!
  • I needed a lesser quantity than I would regularly use.
Cons: Err...nothing :D

Freebie Rating: Absolutely Yayyyy! In fact, after I am done with the face wash I am using currently, I might just hop, skip, and jump over to Shiseido and pick this up.


This didn't work for me, and the reason I am reviewing it is, it might be useful for someoene else.

shiseido the skincare eye soother gel antipuffiness dark circles reviews
shiseido the skincare eye soother gel antipuffiness dark circles reviews

Dark circles can be due to many reasons. I kind of fit in most categories :-)
  • Genes - loads of people in my family have them.
  • Allergies - dust allergies which can cause dark circles under your eyes, plus my eyes get itchy so the constant rubbing doesn't do any favors either.
  • My eyes are placed deeper in and so the undereye appears darker anyway because of lights effects!!
  • I don't score any major points in the nutrition category either, thought that is something I am working on.
The reason I listed this out is because, in my opinion, when we look for an eye cream it should be on the basis of these underlying reasons. I got this as a free sample, not something I picked out myself, and thefore, I think not the most ideal for my eyes.

Texture wise, this is a very light gel that spreads easily. The small sample tube has lasted me ages, there's still loads left in it, because really, how much do you need for the eyes? That way, I think this was a very generous sample to try out.

  • This is very light and spreads very easily. No pulling/tugging on the skin. That was a big plus for me.
  • It gets absorbed very fast, no sitting on the eyelids for ever and ever, and it does not leave the eye area oily. This might be a big plus point for people with oily eyelids/undereye area.
Cons: These are what didn't work for me.
  • It was not moisturizing enough for my eye area.
  • It did nothing to diminish my dark circles - fair enough, I think the product I should be looking for is a concealer-kind :D
  • For some reason, I feel this made my eye area a tad darker and drier. Now I am assuming this is more of using the wrong cream for the my kind of skin. I probably need a more moisturizing cream.

Verdict: Nayy for me. However, I think this product might work better if
  • You have puffy eyes due to temporary factors like maybe not sleeping enough...or sleeping too long :D
  • Same thing for dark circles.  If its a temporary problem, this just might fix it.
  • If you just need a basic eye cream and have oily eye area, well this might be light enough for you.
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