Sep 30, 2010

Silky, Sensual, Radiant Lipstick: YSL Rouge Volupte - Luscious Pink (Swatch)

Dazzling colours and a pleasure to applyAll the magic, refinement and know-how of Yves Saint Laurent can be found in this lipstick which combines pleasure of the senses, bright colours and total comfort. Both light yet rich, its creamy texture becomes fluid on contact with the lips for a pleasant feeling and incredible smooth-on qualities.

ysl rouge volupte silky sensual radiant lipstick swatches spf15 luscious pink 23
ysl rouge volupte silky sensual radiant lipstick swatches spf15 luscious pink 23

My first purchase from YSL, I blame Gaea for this :D She had done a post on IMBB showing off her YSL lipstick, and when I met her I just had to drag her over to the YSL counter and pick this up for myself. See, its totally her fault, right?
  • Superbly pigmented..the slightest swipe deposits so much colour..I am still wow.
  • Is creamy smooth.
  • This particular colour is perhaps a tad too bright for me, but I still like it :D :D The swatch on my hand is what it actually looks most times more than the swatch on my lips.
  • The design of the case shows a bit of the colour with the logo over it. The colour outside is exactly what is the colour of the lipstick.
  • SPF 15 
Shade: Luscious Pink (23)
And these are the swatches. The colour looks so dull on my lips, in the photo, but is actually just as bright. My camera just wasn't able to capture it properly, probably because it was a cloudy day :-( 

ysl rouge volupte silky sensual radiant lipstick swatches spf15 luscious pink 23
ysl rouge volupte silky sensual radiant lipstick swatches spf15 luscious pink 23
ysl rouge volupte silky sensual radiant lipstick swatches spf15 luscious pink 23

YSL Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiante Lipstick SPF15 Swatches:
  • Nude Beige (1) - Creamy neutral beige
  • Sensual Silk (2) - Creamy pinkish beige
  • Beige Ultimate (3) - Mauve taupe
  • Lingerie Pink (7) - Light creamy pink
ysl rouge volupte lipstick silky sensual radiant spf15 Nude Beige 1 Sensual Silk 2 Beige Ultimate 3 Lingerie Pink 7 swatches
L to R:  Nude Beige (1), Sensual Silk (2), Beige Ultimate (3), Lingerie Pink (7)
  • Peach Passion (13) - Vibrant peachy pink
  • Red Muse (17) - Bright orange red
  • Red Taboo (18) - True blue red
  • Exquisite Plum (22) - Deep rich plum
  • Luscious Pink (23) - Muted Rose
ysl rouge volupte silky sensual radiant lipstick spf15 Peach Passion 13 Red Muse 17 Red Taboo 18 Exquisite Plum 22 Luscious Pink 23 swatches
L to R:  Peach Passion (13), Red Muse (17), Red Taboo (18), Exquisite Plum (22), Luscious Pink (23)
  • Praline (24) - Light neutral taupe beige
  • Tender Peach (26) - Light pinkish peach
  • Opera Rose (29) - Vibrant rose pink
ysl rouge volupte silky sensual radiant lipstick swatches Praline 24 Tender Peach 26 Opera Rose 29
L to R:  Praline (24), Tender Peach (26), Opera Rose (29)
Cost: $34.00

YSL Rouge Pur Couture SPF 15 lipsticks - Swatches:  Rouge Vermillon, Le Fuschia, Rose Stilleto, Rose Boheme (available here) - Cost:  $30

ysl pur couture rouge lipsticks swatches rose stilleto boheme le fuschia vermillon
YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipsticks SPF 15 Swatches (L to R):
Rouge Vermillon, Le Fuschia, Rose Stilleto, Rose Boheme

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  1. Woooooowww this is such a lovely much does it cost?

    Poor Gaea....she helped u buy this and u putting all the blame on her

  2. Hehehe...ohhh I forgot to write naa...I have to see the cover HD..I think its around 1800...don't know where I threw the cover :-( Gaea is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad...:D

  3. Such a pretty shade! I don't like my Frivolous Pink very much.

    Nice lips :)


  4. Thankkks Cynthia :) I cannot believe something pink and not suiting you!!

  5. 1800!! OMG....I am gng all green now :) I want one :( someone gift me pls

  6. And your lips are soooo pretty...u hv the perfect cupid's bow

  7. Thanks HD :) :) but is mostly because of cropping the photo :D :D

  8. OMG!! this is sooooo pretty!!!:D:D:D i want dupe!please! i want!

  9. ya rite....teach me also how to get the perfect bow by cropping the pic :P

  10. Ikkkkkkkky your comment turned up finally! I will check in Avon for something similar :D

  11. HD hehehehee..what I meant was it doesnt look this way at all in saw na on IMBB..but when we crop pics..sometimes it just looks better. Wonder when I can make my eyes look good with cropping!

  12. Lovely shade...but wud never look good on me..

    You rocking it babes..pretty lips :-)

  13. Poornima...thannnnnnnnnnnnkyouuuuuuuuuu :) :) :) Actually wont have picked this shade had I been all Gaea's evil influence :D

  14. excellent color rads ... ur lips are amazing dear:)
    stick to pinks it brings out the color .. and stay away from browns its bhabhi's color and pink is hmmmmmm the IT color

  15. Brown - Bhabhi colour??? Hahahahahaa...wait till I catch you in some browns...I shall eat your head then :D :D :D Okay seriously though, ya I know...some of those typical browns..I never get those though :D

  16. hahahaaha i dont have a single brown though ???
    i think
    let me check ....

  17. I don't trust will have some brown..may not be bhabhi brown, though.

  18. Wow..they look so luscious...especially the luscious pink..Loved the packaging and the colors!! :D

  19. err....Every pic shows different colors, I thought there were 2 different shades!! :P

  20. I know Cali..but the swatch on the hand..the first one is what it looks like mostly in real life :D :D :D just shows different colours in the photos for some strange reason!!

  21. You have velvet teddy or some brown whose name is teddy Rashmi!!

    But you know wht Rads...I agree with Rashmi....I myself used to love browns but that was only until I bght my first pink lipstick and after that my poor brown lipsticks are totally ignored...dont like wearing brown at all now...they make u look so dull :(

  22. Yipppppeeeeeeeeee Rashmi got caught :D :D I am sure, though, her brown will be some nice brown...I think it just depends on the shade.

  23. I refuse to comment **all your greenery has transferred on me * :smug*

  24. Donchoooo dare steal my greenery...haaa transfers it seems...give me back my greenery and hopefully there will be some Lancome stuck in it too :D

  25. Rads its so beautiful on your too never had anything from YsL :'(

  26. :) Loved it.
    Love the packaging.
    I didn't know you had a blog rads :D
    Looks awesome, and even your lips look awesome :P haha

  27. Hii Gia :) :) Aww..thankssss :) Will think of something witty to say soon as my sleep wears off :D :D

  28. The shade is very pretty & you carry it very well Rads :)


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