Nov 30, 2010

Book Ramblings: A Suitable Boy - Vikram Seth

"You too will marry a boy I choose," said Mrs. Rupa Mehra firmly to her younger daughter. 

And so started the journey.  At 1349 pages, this is a big fat book.  Cumbersome to carry, troublesome to read, takes ages and ages and some more ages to finish, but I could never stop reading it.  Set in post-independence India, the book tells the story of four families, the Mehras, the Kapoors, the Khans, and the Chatterjees, the common thread linking most of the book together being Mrs. Mehra searching for a suitable boy for her daughter Lata.  Simple details of every day life balanced neatly with an accurate description of the political turmoil in newly independent India and sprinkled with quotes and sonnets and Kakoli-couplets makes this book a must read.  It takes ages to finish, and pick it up only if you have the time to enjoy every bit of it.  Not recommended for anyone who feels reading a book is for the the story and not for the writing.

Seth has confirmed (July 2009) that he is writing a contemporary novel including characters from A Suitable Boy, to be published in 2013.  He describes A Suitable Girl as a "jump sequel", with Lata looking for a "suitable girl" for her grandson. 
- Wikipedia.

Thanks Rajeshwari for the reminder :)  Recommendations on must-read books anyone?

Available at Flipkart :  Cost Rs. 570.

Nov 29, 2010

Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense Biphase Eyemakeup Remover

Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense Biphase Eyemakeup Remover - Dual-phase formula gently whisks away all eye makeup, even waterproof mascara. Provides effective eye makeup removal with the refreshing feel of water. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Water Cornflower Extract and Water Rose Extract soothe and calm vulnerable eye area.

I have been using Chanel's biphase eyemakeup remover for a while now, and hence the review today.  The only other "makeup remover" I have used is olive or coconut oil, and so this review is going to be very short, and no comparisons with other makeup removers.

chanel demaquillant yeux intense biphase eye makeup remover reviews ingredients blog

Biphase makeup removers consist of two phases, an oil phase and a water phase, one floating over the other, and you have to shake the bottle to mix the two before use.  Left standing undisturbed, the phases will very promptly return back to their separated states.

chanel demaquillant yeux intense biphase eye makeup remover reviews ingredients blog
Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense Biphase Eyemakeup Remover

How To use Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense Biphase Eyemakeup Remover

Shake bottle; lightly moisten cotton pad. Apply pad to eyelid and lashes and leave for a few seconds, then wipe off eye makeup. Rinse well.

My experience with Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense Biphase Eyemakeup Remover

A few drops on a cotton square takes off ALL my eye makeup, one side.  I then turn the cotton square and use the unused side on my other eye.  Yup, I don't mind using more eyemakeup remover, but I would hate to waste cotton!  I then take a Q-tip, wet it with the remover, and then use it to take off any kajal from the waterline.  That's it.  Fuss-free, quick, and absolutely nonirritating for my eyes.  I love it.  Rinse eyes after this - something I have skipped many times.  In case you don't get the time to wash your eyes right away - there is not much oily residue left, and it just disappears after a while, soaking into the skin I suppose.  Or you could dab dab with a paper tissue, and there you have it - nekkid clean eyes.

chanel demaquillant yeux intense biphase eye makeup remover reviews ingredients blog
How to Use Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense Biphase Eyemakeup Remover

My very biased take on Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense Biphase Eyemakeup Remover

It is a fabulous makeup remover.  Is it the best in the market, I wouldn't know because I have not tried any other.  A Chanel product, so it comes with a very ouch price tag of Rs. 1650/100 mL.  Would I buy it again?  I am a long way from finishing this bottle, and I would probably buy this again unless something I see something better (highly unlikely I would try anything else).

Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense Biphase Eyemakeup Remover - Ingredients:

chanel demaquillant yeux intense biphase eye makeup remover reviews ingredients blog
Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense Biphase Eyemakeup Remover - Ingredients

Drugstore options in biphase makeup removers  - Maybelline and Chambor make biphase eyemakeup removers.  Not tried them myself, though.  Just passing on the information :)

Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense Biphase Eyemakeup Remover (available here) - Cost:  $32/3.4 fl. oz.

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Nov 28, 2010

The Kanjeevaram Sari

Kanjeevaram Sari
Kanjeevaram Sari

My family is from the town of Palakkad in Kerala, and as any South Indian would tell you, marriages in our part of the world means silk saris. One of my fondest memories from when I was a kid is my granpa taking the entire family to Coimbatore to pick Kanjeevaram saris for the ladies of the house. Those days that was the only silk deemed worthy of wearing at a wedding, and I still cringe at the "fancy" silks that I see nowadays. I guess some things just stay with you from childhood, and today, my small collection of saris is almost exclusively Kanjeevaram silks.

Traditionally, Kanjeevaram silk saris are hand-woven in two parts. The border and the pallu of the sari are woven as one unit and the body of the sari is woven separately in another colour, and then the two are attached together. The joint between the two is pretty strong, apparently stays on even if the sari gets torn. Needless to say, this is one claim I am not planning on testing.

Kanjeevaram Sari
Joint between the border and the main portion of the sari - if you noticing for the
first time, you might think you that someone tried to repair a damaged sari :)

It's the same sari in all the photos - silk just photographs differently under different lights :)

Kanjeevaram Sari
Joint between the pallu and the main body of the sari - the tufts of thread mark the joint.

However, I think with saris where the body of the sari is woven with two different coloured threads - a double colour sari - this joint will not be there.  This joint feature is missing in some of the Kanjeevaram saris I own - so maybe its just the traditional method of weaving and not all saris have it.  The silk thread used for the weaving is stronger because each thread consists of 3 threads twisted together to make one thread.

Kanjeevaram saris are very expensive. However, the price range is very wide. The important factors that determine the cost of a sari would be:
  • A hand-woven sari would cost more than a machine woven. Need an explanation for this? It is a time-consuming process - takes about a month to make 3 saris. The maximum length possible on a traditional loom is 18-yards, a sari being 6 yards, so no more than 3 silk saris would look the exactly the same.
  • Tested-zari saris are cheaper than pure-zari saris. The authentic "pure" zari is made using a silk thread over which a silver/silver-copper alloy wire is twisted, and then this is dipped in gold.* Reducing the quantity of silver in the alloy would obviously cut costs. The easiest method for the average customer to ensure that the "pure zari" is actually pure is to buy from a more established shop. Tested zari saris are made with copper wire electroplated with silver and then gold plated - which makes it much cheaper than the pure zari saris. The salesperson/shopkeeper should ideally tell you if the sari has "tested zari" or "pure zari," but lately I have noticed, people are either unaware or just not bothered as are the salespeople, so nobody is any wiser. Tested zari has a more gaudy golden colour as compared to the more subtle gold of the pure zari, and the gold of the tested zari fades off after a few years.
  • Lastly, the thicker the silk in the sari, or the heavier the sari, the costlier it is going to be.

Care instructions:
Kanjeevaram Sari
Step-by-step instruction - and illustrated too :)

These are just a few things I have learned from my mom and chatting staff at some of the shops I have been to.  I have only hand-woven Kanjeevaram saris, and of course, pure zari only, but that's just my preference. My friend has a lot of machine-woven saris, all fabulous colours and with some pretty designs, which you would not find in the more traditional weave.  A lighter silk makes it easier to wear, a heavier silk looks amazing.  Whatever you pick, I hope I helped in a small way to make an informed buy :)

*I am not sure if the pure zari uses silver-copper alloy or pure silver. I might be wrong about the info - not making any claims to accuracy :)
These silks are also available without zari, just lovely thread weave patterns, and so many other varieties.  I have only written about the traditional silk sari with a zari border.

Nov 26, 2010

Just how many Lip Balms does a hooman need???

How many lip balms do you have?  I see so many shows talking about lipbalm addiction, I wonder if I fit the criteria..

lush lip balms whipstick service review
Lush Lip Balms - Whipstick and Lip Service
TBS translucent lip care review
TBS Translucent Lip Care
avon simply pretty dew kiss lip tint review
Avon Simply Pretty Dew Kiss Lip Tint
Biotique Lip Plumping Balm Pink
Biotique Lip Plumping Lip Balm - a gift from a friend.  I don't really like products
labelled to be "lip plumping" because the plumpers usually work by irritating/
tingling the lips to make them look plumper.  This one though doesn't do much in the
plumping effect, which I am thankful for, and leaves a pretty pink tint on my lips.
Burts Bees Nourishing Mango Butter Lip Balm reviews
Burt's Bees Lip Balm - read review here.
Carmex Lip Balm for Dry Cracked Lips Review
Carmex Lip Balm- this one I absolutely don't like.  I know it gets rave reviews
from a lot of people, but the Carmex lip balm did nothing for me :(
Best Cheap Inexpensive Lip Protection Balm Vaseline Tub Review
Trusty old Vaseline - and why do I have so many of these?  Never know...what
if the world runs out of Vaseline...

My absolute must-have from the list is, of course, Burt's Bees, but everything else is good too (I am ignoring the Carmex lip balm) and more importantly easily available in India.  So what's your favorite lip balm?

More Lip Balms:
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Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

Nov 25, 2010

Paav Bhaji, Ice Cream, and a Thanksgiving..

A step-by-step photo tutorial on how to make paav-bhaaji....Not really.

Paav-bhaji: Original recipe by Nupur at One Hot Stove (and you can click here for the recipe). Only change I made is I added about 1/4 tsp of garam masala powder.
Chopped capsicum and mashed potato-cauliflower mix - the basics.
I sprinkle a bit of paav-bhaaji masala on the paav before placing on the tawa.
Eat :)

The ice cream

I would not call this a Thanksgiving dinner ever, but it was a happy dinner, and just made me realize, perhaps influenced by the many Thanksgiving posts I read today, to make my own I-am-thankful-for list.

I am thankful for:
  • Being healthy because I like to look after myself.
  • My job which I crib about all the time, but honestly, I am thankful I have a job to crib about :)
  • Having known what being "perfectly pampered" feels like and to have people who tell me they will support no matter what.

Review: Lakme Black Satin Kajal

Review Lakme Black Satin Kajal
Lakme Black Satin Kajal

Released with the Lakme 2010 Gypsy Collection, here's what Lakme claims about this kajal:
  • Jet black kajal for one stroke blackest black delivery.
  • For sharp intense lines or smudged smoky finish.
  • Glides on super soft and smooth, with a glossy satin finish.
  • Water-resistant formula that keeps colour and shine in place without spreading easily.

Review Lakme Black Satin Kajal
Swatch on hand - the glossy finish is actually because it stays moist.

My experience with the product:
  • It gives a truly black colour.
  • Is a chubby pencil. When its blunt, its one round stub. No sharp lines unless you have perfectly sharpened pencil all the time. Smudged smoky finish - well that is easy - since this SMUDGES LIKE CRAZY.
  • It gives a smooth glossy finish. The mystery behind the glossy finish - it stays moist and you don't need anything more than a feather to smudge this thing. I kept the line for a really long time on my hand to see if it ever didn't for a really long long time. I have no idea when it dries because I got fed up waiting.
  • On my eyes, it stays on quite well, doesn't spread or cause panda eyes, and fades off gradually leaving a nice black tint. All perfectly good for me.
  • I got a bad stinging feeling every time I tried using it. I do not know if anybody else has this problem, but I cannot use this kajal on my waterline because of this. If I use it on my eyelids, I have no problem.
On my eyes:
(I just realized the before and after pics are different eyes - oopppssss - but trust me, both eyes look equally scary nekkid or otherwise too)

Review Lakme Black Satin Kajal
Scary nekkid eye pic
Used a brown eye pencil smudged over eyelid, Lakme Black Satin Kajal on lower waterline and for tightlining.

Review Lakme Black Satin Kajal

My take on this: It is a decent kajal. Pretty packaging. Affordably priced. Though it has superb smudging capacities, on my waterline at least (despite the stinging and watering) it stayed on quite decently without making a mess. So on the whole, a good product. However, I will not be repurchasing this product because of it irritates my eyes.

Cost: Rs. 150/2 g

My mom bought this sharpener from Lakme for the older Lakme Kajal that she has..should have got one myself too for my chubby new one. Costs about Rs. 90 I think.

Lakme kajal sharpener
Lakme Precision Duo Sharpner

Nov 24, 2010

Inglot Eyeshadows - Freedom System Palette (Swatches)

Inglot Freedom System - Your very own custom-made eyeshadow palette.  Pick the palette - round or square - and the number of eye shadows you want to fill - 3 or 5 or 10.  Pick the colours you want, and your palette is ready to be flaunted.

Inglot Freedom System Palette Eyeshadows Reviews Swatches

Inglot does not have names for their eyeshadows, relying instead on numbers, which would not be an issue for anyone who has the luxury of going to an Inglot store and picking them up.  However, for anyone else who does not have direct access to the brand, it can be a bit confusing.  I am thankful to all the bloggers who put up swatches of their Inglot products because it helps people like me a lot.

Eyeshadow Swatches from my Inglot Freedom System Palette

I have tried to capture the colours as true as possible, but due to various factors like my lack of proper skills/camera and lighting variations, the colours might seem different in store. Instead of the usual swipe on arm swatches, I have picked up the colours on fingertip to show because I felt these were more like how the colours were (not trying to save on the eyeshadow :P :P).  I do hope these are useful in some way :)

Inglot Eyeshadows in purples/plums - Pearl 446, AMC 79, Pearl 439:

Inglot Plum Purple eyeshadows freedom system palette swatches reviews pearl 439 446 amc 79
Inglot Purple/Plum eyeshadows - AMC 72, Pearl 439, Pearl 446
Inglot Plum Purple eyeshadows freedom system palette swatches reviews pearl 439 446 amc 79
Inglot Pearl 446
Inglot Plum Purple eyeshadows freedom system palette swatches reviews pearl 439 446 amc 79
Inglot eyeshadow AMC 72
Inglot Plum Purple eyeshadows freedom system palette swatches reviews pearl 439 446 amc 79
Inglot eyeshadow Pearl 439

Inglot Freedom Palette Eyeshadows - The browns - Pearl 423, DS 458

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette Reviews Swatches Browns DS 458 Pearl 423
Inglot Eyeshadows (Browns) - DS 458 and Pearl 423
Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette Reviews Swatches Browns DS 458 Pearl 423
Inglot eyeshadow Pearl 423
Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette Reviews Swatches Browns DS 458 Pearl 423
Inglot eyeshadow DS 458

Inglot Eyeshadows ( a Beige and a Khaki) - AMC Shine 30, Pearl 419

Inglot Freedom System Palette Eyeshadows reviews Swatches beige khaki amc shine 30 pearl 419
Inglot eyeshadow AMC Shine 30
Inglot Freedom System Palette Eyeshadows reviews Swatches beige khaki amc shine 30 pearl 419
Inglot Eyeshadow Pearl 419

Inglot Freedom System Palette Eyeshadow - Blue - DS 483

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette Reviews Swatches Blue DS 483
Inglot eyeshadow DS 483

Inglot Freedom System Palette - Black Eyeshadows - AMC 63, AMC 64

Inglot Black Eyeshadows Matte Gold Shimmer Freedom Palette System Reviews Swatches amc 63 64
Inglot eyeshadow AMC 63
Inglot Black Eyeshadows Matte Gold Shimmer Freedom Palette System Reviews Swatches amc 63 64
Inglot Eyeshadow AMC 64

These are just a few of the numerous and amazing eye shadows that Inglot makes.  The quality is fabulous, and the price won't break the bank - now that's a combination we all can love :D  Inglot also has a Freedom system for their lipsticks and blushes, but I haven't tried those yet.  Do leave a comment if you have tried them and let me know how you found the products :)

Some makeup looks using Inglot eyeshadows:

Nov 23, 2010

L'Oreal Color Riche Star Secrets - Diane's Tuberose (208)

Design inspired by the L'Oreal brand ambassador, Diane Keaton, this lipstick is a pink-peach shade - its just the right bright to make a dull face look brighter :)  A makeup-dodo's discovery - You DO NOT want to wear this lipstick when you are trying on an outfit with orange in it :P

As with all the other Color Riche lipsticks, this feels great on the lips, and though not too moisturizing, its absolutely not drying.  Only minus point, it has a strange smell - I describe it as "strange," but many find it unpleasant.  Its a strong smell, not something easily ignored, so I would suggest sniffing before buying :D

The lipstick in the case actually looks reddish under some lights for some reason...


With flash:

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L'Oreal Color Riche Star Secrets Lipsticks

Nov 22, 2010

Curiousity Killed the Cat...

And my appetite..

"Cod liver oil was traditionally manufactured by filling a wooden barrel with fresh cod livers and seawater and allowing the mixture to ferment for up to a year before removing the oil. Modern cod liver oil is made by cooking the whole cod body tissues of fatty fish during the manufacture of fish meal."
- Wikipedia

SeveanSeas Seacod Cod Liver Oil Capsules

Nov 21, 2010

A YSL Makeover Experience :)

ysl makeover experience complimentary makeup store

I am not too enthusiastic about makeovers, generally associating them with hotch-potch garish makeovers, but the SAs at YSL were so enthusiastic I turned up on time for the makeover. I loved the makeover - more so because of the very friendly MUA, Charmaine Rao. She seemed to know exactly what I meant by "I want to try a dark lipstick look" vague statement that I gave her, and she gave me some basic ideas to follow in my every day makeup too.

ysl makeover experience complimentary makeup store

Here's my pic from when I got back home after eating and drinking the whole day - the "dark lipstick" didn't survive the pizza, milkshake, loads of water, and the auto ride home :) My camera was very uncooperative in the store and the lighting really didn't help the cause much.

ysl makeover experience complimentary makeup store

And the products I got to try:

Top Secrets Unifying Protecting Primer - SPF 25 - Rs. 3050 oily skin girls can use this directly without a moisturizer. Keeps skin moisturized while ensuring optimal oil control. Gives a smooth base for the rest of the makeup to go on. Has a good SPF content. This is an exclusive to Asia product (I think).

Anti-Cernes Multiaction Concealer #4 - Rs. 1550 is a creamy concealer that comes packaged similar to a lipstick. What I liked about this concealer is it has the right amount of yellow to it to block out my superstrong dark circles. I wish I had some before after pictures to show you, but used in combination with the Touche Eclat, its just what I need.

Touche Eclat - Radiant Touch #8 (a more recently launched shade - is good for yellow undertones) - Rs. 2130

Charmaine says - Since I have deep-set eyes with some serious dark circles, use the concealer to first cut down on the intensity of the dark circles. Then use the Touche Eclat in areas which are more deep-set to bring in some light. Used on its own, the Touche Eclat can make my under-eye area a bit ashy, though this new shade (#8) has more yellow in it.

Complexion Enhancer #4 - Rs. 2250 is an oil-free foundation that gives a very light weight coverage. I am currently using the YSL Teint Radiance foundation, which gives a little more coverage without looking heavy at all, but this might be a better option for a lighter or a more warmer day use.

Quadrilumieres #4 - Rs. 2700. Since I wanted to try a darker lipstick, Charmaine picked a nude colour palette for my eyes. The store lighting didn't do justice to this quad and neither does this swatch I got from the YSL site, but its a perfect neutral eyes palette with shimmery shades of beige-browns and the perfect highlighter shade.

Charmaine says - (In my case, since I am a dark-skinned girl with deep-set eyes) Line the upper lash line thickly with a black pencil. Smudge the line lightly. Then apply the brown eyeshadow over it. This intensifies the colour more and the browns and beiges actually show up rather than getting all lost :)

Mascara - Noir Radical - Rs. 1900 (review here). Charmaine described this as "water-resistant." It goes off easily with soap and water, even if you skipped using a makeup remover :) However, with just splashing water on your eyes or a bit of rain, this stays put - no risk of turning into a panda look-alike.

Charmaine says - Wriggle the mascara wand into the base of your lashes depositing the maximum colour at the roots. This gives a dark base to the lashes and makes your eyes look more alive.

On my lips, Charmaine used Rouge Volupte #22. Rs. 1820 First, lined my lips with a lipliner in a similar dark colour. Then filled in the lipstick. Topped the lipstick with the YSL Golden Gloss #20 - Rs. 1570 only in the center of the lips.

Charmaine says - If you want to tone down the harshness of a darker lipstick, dab a bit of gloss - a neutral warmer shade - on the center of the lips.

I would have put the full-face pic, but I did look remarkably similar to a happy well-fed frog in the photo, so am just put a pic of the lipstick topped with the gloss :D

ysl makeover experience complimentary makeup store
Oops - darker liner showing...!!!
I am definitely picking up the concealer and Touche Eclat - the lipstick too perhaps. The Top Secrets primer will have to wait a long while because I have a jumbo bottle of a Chanel base to finish, but if you have oily skin and don't mind paying the price tag, this is a superb product.

As for the makeover itself, it was a lot of fun and quite informative too, especially considering I am pretty new to makeup. The next time Charmaine comes to Bangalore, I will probably book myself for a makeover every day if they let me :D I have always found the SAs at YSL (Mary and Johnson) the most friendly and enthusiastic ever, and no, I have not bought a whole lot of stuff from there. In fact, I have left without buying a thing from the YSL counter more often than anywhere else...err...actually did not buy anything after my makeover either (very bad manners I know). I get a better idea about what works and what doesn't if I walk around with the makeup the whole day. With products like concealers or foundations, and especially with high-end brands with steeper pricetags, I feel its better to try out at least once at the counter and then buy it if you like it another day.

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Nov 20, 2010

One in Every Colour?

Thank you Rati for picking up the colours perfectly :)

And A BIG THANK YOU TO CALI for carrying to me so safely :) :)

Inglot Freedom System - Design your own palette

Nov 18, 2010

Lakme Lip Palette (Review/Swatch)

Released with the Lakme Gypsy collection that came out some time back, this palette and the Black Satin Kajal were the only two products that I bought from the lot.  It has been ages since I bought any Lakme lip product - the last ones were Aquashines.

Lakme Lip Palette Review Swatch

A wardrobe of possiblities. Wear each colour on its own or mix for your perfect shade. A palette of five universally flattering shades of terracotta.

Lakme Lip Palette Review Swatch

* Pretty packaging.
* Sturdy and compact enough to be carried around just as easily by the busiest or the laziest.
* The palette has 5 shades which, amazingly enough, are all very wearable - for me at least.
* Comes with a good brush.


Lakme Lip Palette Review Swatch
Cloudy day - amazing weather - lousy for pics :)
This is exactly what the colours look like, though the pic does seem blurred.
I would recommend buying this if you are

* Looking for smaller sizes, more variety. It is a palette, it does just that. You get 5 different colours to play with in quantities that you will finish for sure. No wasting or throwing because it got old before you finished it.
* Wanting to keep some makeup in the bag for emergencies. Great, I just said "makeup" and "emergencies" in the same sentence!! I guess you know what I mean, though. You don't need to carry an assortment of lipsticks - there are 5 here, in a slim case which will fit into some really small bags or clutches, and one of them is sure to match your outfit.
* Not yet comfortable wearing a lipstick but want to move away from glosses. This is perfect for you. The lip colours are not too sheer or glossy, but they are not exactly lipstick opaque standards either.
* Looking for something that does not dry your lips out. My lips are very prone to drying, it's the one reason why I don't buy Lakme lipsticks, but these were pretty comfortable to wear.

On my lips - the lightest brown shade (the first one on the left in the palette pic), looks like I have not put anything on my lips. Actually, it has covered up a bit of the unevenness of the pigmentation while looking like I have absolutely nothing on my lips.  Between the shades #2 and #3, I am not too sure and I might have mixed up the swatches, they looked kind of similar on me, shade #3 is more pink based though.

Lakme Lip Palette Review Swatch
L to R: Shade #1, #2, #3 (light brown being the first one in the palette)

Shades #4 and #5 are the more pigmented ones in the palette. I didn't really like #4 so much because it can easily pass off for paan-stained lips on me (happens with another lipstick I have in a similar colour).  The last shade, #5, that turned out quite nice. I would probably take a swatch along and buy a proper lipstick in that shade.  I know it is a very common colour but not one I own.

Lakme Lip Palette Review Swatch
L to R: Shade #4, #5

You can skip this, though, if you are a true lipstick girl - these would fall short in terms of coverage and staying power.  I have unevenly pigmented lips, and the fact that these are on the sheer side can be a minus point.  I am pretty sure these would look much better on people who have normal kind of lips - the colours would show up much better. Another thing is the lip brush. I have to clean it after every use because, well I like to keep it clean, plus the colours get mixed up when you use it the next time if you have not cleaned the brush.

There are some good lipsticks in other brands for much less a price. To be fair, though, this is a palette and so more colour options  Ultimately it all boils down to what your specific need is. I keep this permanently in my bag and use it for touch ups or for when I have not applied any lipstick before starting from home. This would never replace my regular lipsticks.  Its also perfect for use in places where people frown at anything "makeup."

Cost: Rs. 600.  I got a 15% discount :) :)
Quantity: 5 x 1.5 mL.

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