Nov 30, 2010

Book Ramblings: A Suitable Boy - Vikram Seth

"You too will marry a boy I choose," said Mrs. Rupa Mehra firmly to her younger daughter. 

And so started the journey.  At 1349 pages, this is a big fat book.  Cumbersome to carry, troublesome to read, takes ages and ages and some more ages to finish, but I could never stop reading it.  Set in post-independence India, the book tells the story of four families, the Mehras, the Kapoors, the Khans, and the Chatterjees, the common thread linking most of the book together being Mrs. Mehra searching for a suitable boy for her daughter Lata.  Simple details of every day life balanced neatly with an accurate description of the political turmoil in newly independent India and sprinkled with quotes and sonnets and Kakoli-couplets makes this book a must read.  It takes ages to finish, and pick it up only if you have the time to enjoy every bit of it.  Not recommended for anyone who feels reading a book is for the the story and not for the writing.

Seth has confirmed (July 2009) that he is writing a contemporary novel including characters from A Suitable Boy, to be published in 2013.  He describes A Suitable Girl as a "jump sequel", with Lata looking for a "suitable girl" for her grandson. 
- Wikipedia.

Thanks Rajeshwari for the reminder :)  Recommendations on must-read books anyone?

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