Nov 25, 2010

Review: Lakme Black Satin Kajal

Review Lakme Black Satin Kajal
Lakme Black Satin Kajal

Released with the Lakme 2010 Gypsy Collection, here's what Lakme claims about this kajal:
  • Jet black kajal for one stroke blackest black delivery.
  • For sharp intense lines or smudged smoky finish.
  • Glides on super soft and smooth, with a glossy satin finish.
  • Water-resistant formula that keeps colour and shine in place without spreading easily.

Review Lakme Black Satin Kajal
Swatch on hand - the glossy finish is actually because it stays moist.

My experience with the product:
  • It gives a truly black colour.
  • Is a chubby pencil. When its blunt, its one round stub. No sharp lines unless you have perfectly sharpened pencil all the time. Smudged smoky finish - well that is easy - since this SMUDGES LIKE CRAZY.
  • It gives a smooth glossy finish. The mystery behind the glossy finish - it stays moist and you don't need anything more than a feather to smudge this thing. I kept the line for a really long time on my hand to see if it ever didn't for a really long long time. I have no idea when it dries because I got fed up waiting.
  • On my eyes, it stays on quite well, doesn't spread or cause panda eyes, and fades off gradually leaving a nice black tint. All perfectly good for me.
  • I got a bad stinging feeling every time I tried using it. I do not know if anybody else has this problem, but I cannot use this kajal on my waterline because of this. If I use it on my eyelids, I have no problem.
On my eyes:
(I just realized the before and after pics are different eyes - oopppssss - but trust me, both eyes look equally scary nekkid or otherwise too)

Review Lakme Black Satin Kajal
Scary nekkid eye pic
Used a brown eye pencil smudged over eyelid, Lakme Black Satin Kajal on lower waterline and for tightlining.

Review Lakme Black Satin Kajal

My take on this: It is a decent kajal. Pretty packaging. Affordably priced. Though it has superb smudging capacities, on my waterline at least (despite the stinging and watering) it stayed on quite decently without making a mess. So on the whole, a good product. However, I will not be repurchasing this product because of it irritates my eyes.

Cost: Rs. 150/2 g

My mom bought this sharpener from Lakme for the older Lakme Kajal that she has..should have got one myself too for my chubby new one. Costs about Rs. 90 I think.

Lakme kajal sharpener
Lakme Precision Duo Sharpner


  1. my experience with this kajal has been very good so far

  2. Hi Rentu..I think I am the only one who has had any irritation with this kajal :-((

  3. I had the same problem of eye irritation with the old lakme kajal. This is why I hadn't bought the new one. Just don't want to take the risk.

  4. Poohkie, is the other way round for me. Never had any problem with the older version, but this newer one for some reason irritates my eyes :-(

  5. Haww..I bought it too for myself with Rati!! Never used it and I think I've lost it now!! :( :(..Cant find it anywhere in my bags!!

  6. I hav used it on my waterline n it has nvr irritated me or given me panda eyes.....

  7. Great review Rads. I have to try that sharpener...maybe it'll work better with this kajal


  8. Farha - I seem to be the only one with this problem :-(( Irritating my eyes. It doesn't smudge on my eyes though..stays on remarkably well even with my eyes watering!!!!

  9. Hii Cynthia :) I heard the Lakme sharpener is available in Delhi for abt Rs. 20!!!! Wonder why this one was priced so much higher..

  10. I have this sharpener. yay!! :P

  11. 90 buckssss...oooppss!!

  12. Yup yup is around that much....Is "Made in Germanhy" :D :D :D Our Codpod will louuu it now :D

  13. How do I follow you Rads here on blogspot? Too many options and I'm totally confused. nice review. Even on my eyes the kajal is super smudgy. I don't know how I would finish it up.

  14. Hii Nivedita :) can click on the follow button...its on topmost top. Or you can follow on twitter if you use that..there's a bunch of other options on the right top side of the blog..just told you two I use for following other blogs :D

  15. Hi Rads,
    I've finally figured out why
    i couldn't see the comment box earlier, its because i was browsing on firefox this time i am on IE and the comment box is dutifully there at the end. So...what i don't like about these lakme kajals is the plastic case/pencil which though hygienic is a major nuisance when you sharpen the pencil and there are sharp edges and if you are not careful can scape your waterline....
    Rajeshwari (I had some problem posting comment last night so i am posting as anon.)

  16. Hii Rajeshwari..I use Firefox but never had this kind of a problem!!!! Oh..I haven't had to sharpen this yet, so I wouldn't know, but now I know what to look out for :D :D

    Oh and about commenting, you can select the name/url option and just write your name in the URL field..heard a lot of people saying might work for you too :)


  18. not sure of the exact price..might have been 100 :D :D :D We got a 15% discount too sooooo...

  19. I hv tried this kajal & its an avg kajal for me. What I like is that
    it gives a nice jet black & glossy finish. I dont like matte kajals.
    it glides smoothly & comes off easily as well.
    it stays for quite a long time & doesnt smudge too much.
    by evening it does spread a little around my eye area or leaks.
    So I dont like that part & next I m gonna buy Lakme Eyeconic one coz I like hassle free make up. God Knows when this pencil will finish, its a lot!

    1. It does smudge, especially in hotter weather. I think anything that's labelled a kohl/kajal is meant to give a smudgey, lived-in look - twist-up pencils or gel eyeliners are better for waterlines.


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