Nov 18, 2010

Lakme Lip Palette (Review/Swatch)

Released with the Lakme Gypsy collection that came out some time back, this palette and the Black Satin Kajal were the only two products that I bought from the lot.  It has been ages since I bought any Lakme lip product - the last ones were Aquashines.

Lakme Lip Palette Review Swatch

A wardrobe of possiblities. Wear each colour on its own or mix for your perfect shade. A palette of five universally flattering shades of terracotta.

Lakme Lip Palette Review Swatch

* Pretty packaging.
* Sturdy and compact enough to be carried around just as easily by the busiest or the laziest.
* The palette has 5 shades which, amazingly enough, are all very wearable - for me at least.
* Comes with a good brush.


Lakme Lip Palette Review Swatch
Cloudy day - amazing weather - lousy for pics :)
This is exactly what the colours look like, though the pic does seem blurred.
I would recommend buying this if you are

* Looking for smaller sizes, more variety. It is a palette, it does just that. You get 5 different colours to play with in quantities that you will finish for sure. No wasting or throwing because it got old before you finished it.
* Wanting to keep some makeup in the bag for emergencies. Great, I just said "makeup" and "emergencies" in the same sentence!! I guess you know what I mean, though. You don't need to carry an assortment of lipsticks - there are 5 here, in a slim case which will fit into some really small bags or clutches, and one of them is sure to match your outfit.
* Not yet comfortable wearing a lipstick but want to move away from glosses. This is perfect for you. The lip colours are not too sheer or glossy, but they are not exactly lipstick opaque standards either.
* Looking for something that does not dry your lips out. My lips are very prone to drying, it's the one reason why I don't buy Lakme lipsticks, but these were pretty comfortable to wear.

On my lips - the lightest brown shade (the first one on the left in the palette pic), looks like I have not put anything on my lips. Actually, it has covered up a bit of the unevenness of the pigmentation while looking like I have absolutely nothing on my lips.  Between the shades #2 and #3, I am not too sure and I might have mixed up the swatches, they looked kind of similar on me, shade #3 is more pink based though.

Lakme Lip Palette Review Swatch
L to R: Shade #1, #2, #3 (light brown being the first one in the palette)

Shades #4 and #5 are the more pigmented ones in the palette. I didn't really like #4 so much because it can easily pass off for paan-stained lips on me (happens with another lipstick I have in a similar colour).  The last shade, #5, that turned out quite nice. I would probably take a swatch along and buy a proper lipstick in that shade.  I know it is a very common colour but not one I own.

Lakme Lip Palette Review Swatch
L to R: Shade #4, #5

You can skip this, though, if you are a true lipstick girl - these would fall short in terms of coverage and staying power.  I have unevenly pigmented lips, and the fact that these are on the sheer side can be a minus point.  I am pretty sure these would look much better on people who have normal kind of lips - the colours would show up much better. Another thing is the lip brush. I have to clean it after every use because, well I like to keep it clean, plus the colours get mixed up when you use it the next time if you have not cleaned the brush.

There are some good lipsticks in other brands for much less a price. To be fair, though, this is a palette and so more colour options  Ultimately it all boils down to what your specific need is. I keep this permanently in my bag and use it for touch ups or for when I have not applied any lipstick before starting from home. This would never replace my regular lipsticks.  Its also perfect for use in places where people frown at anything "makeup."

Cost: Rs. 600.  I got a 15% discount :) :)
Quantity: 5 x 1.5 mL.

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  1. I liked the concept very much...It has been years since I purchased any Lakme product..Was much impressed by the Trio Blush from the recent range

  2. Hii Poornima, guess that's what I liked too..the concept. Its a pity none of the other brands launch their palettes in India. The Trio Blush seems to be getting rave reviews, but didn't work for my skin colour, plus since I still have marks on my face, I am staying away from blushes :D

  3. ohh..okies.

    But tell me something..are the shades in the palette available as normal lipsticks also in lakme? I mean tubes..Or are these exclusively for palette shades?

  4. I think they are, though there is no mention of the shade numbers for a comparison between the two. They probably correspond to the lipsticks that came out with the collection..I am clueless :D I don't think the lipsticks would have the same texture though.

  5. hmmmmmmm...I don't expect much from this can try these lippies after applying concealer on your lips...That way, they'll show more color!..

  6. Oh I do apply a lipliner similar to my lipcolour and then apply real life that is...but for swatches I put like this otherwise nobody would know how sheer these are :D

  7. I love buying things in apllette...iv a nyx pallette which is going to reach me soon i hope...but i tried this out in the market and it was interesting...i want the rose trio blush

  8. Oh you got the NYX palette..I wanted to get one too..they have some interesting colours, don't they? Where did you buy it from?

  9. 15% discount?
    From where??!! And 600 is the m.r.p.. right??

  10. Hi Akshima :) Yes, 600 is the MRP. I got it from an outlet in an army area where they sell it at a discount.

  11. oye!! when did you post this., I just saw. :P I like this palette. I carry it with m all the time. Mostly I sanitize my hands and apply the colours . he he :))

  12. felt the same thing...use fingers :D It works??? Me also do same ...hehehehe thankooooo :*


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