Shiseido Hydro-Power Eyeshadow - Spring Plum (H4)

Shiseido Hydropower eyeshadow - moisturizing creamy shadow that transform into long-wearing lustrous powder.

I have the shade Spring Plum (H4) - a plum base with fine green shimmer in it. That's what it actually looks like, but it shows up different based under different lights. Either the green or the plum might get played up more - but I kind of like it that way - is definitely not boring :) This was the only eyeshadow in this range which was dual-coloured this way - all the other being single colours. All of them, though, are shimmery.

There is a generous 6 g of product - comes in a cute little clear plastic pot with a sponge applicator in a cute black pouch (that's about all cute about it - I don't use the applicator). I just use a clean finger to apply the shadow.

Its super smooth and easy to apply and can be applied sheer or more heavily depending on how intense you would want the colour to show up.

The pale green shimmer just does not get picked up by the camera - is the best I could get :(
With this particular shade, though, on my skin the plum kind of gets less obvious and the green starts getting more prominent the more heavily I apply it - I have a feeling it looks different on different skin colours because I have read people complaining about plum being the dominant colour showing up and not the green (am guessing that happens with lighter skin colours)! It lasts a long while and can be used as an awesome base for similar colours.

I do wish Shiseido made some colours in this range with maybe a bit less shimmery/frosty finish.

Swatches - it never did photograph the same ever!

Guess this is the most reliable colour swatch :D
Being someone who just about barely applies one eyeshadow properly, I find the ease of application of this shadow superconvenient. It stays on and visible for a long time and does not make my lids oily. I do wish the shimmer/frost was a little less - there are places I would not want to use this - though, a sheerer application works just fine for places less formal.

Ooops, I almost forgot, this is also the most travel-friendly eyeshadow ever - no leakage, no broken shadow, no need for extra brush :D Plus the shade goes with most of the colours.

Cost: Rs. 1600/6 g

A must-have from Shiseido? I won't say that, but it sure is good. Try swatching at a counter to get a more accurate idea about the colour. What would be your favorite cream eyeshadow?