Nov 21, 2010

A YSL Makeover Experience :)

ysl makeover experience complimentary makeup store

I am not too enthusiastic about makeovers, generally associating them with hotch-potch garish makeovers, but the SAs at YSL were so enthusiastic I turned up on time for the makeover. I loved the makeover - more so because of the very friendly MUA, Charmaine Rao. She seemed to know exactly what I meant by "I want to try a dark lipstick look" vague statement that I gave her, and she gave me some basic ideas to follow in my every day makeup too.

ysl makeover experience complimentary makeup store

Here's my pic from when I got back home after eating and drinking the whole day - the "dark lipstick" didn't survive the pizza, milkshake, loads of water, and the auto ride home :) My camera was very uncooperative in the store and the lighting really didn't help the cause much.

ysl makeover experience complimentary makeup store

And the products I got to try:

Top Secrets Unifying Protecting Primer - SPF 25 - Rs. 3050 oily skin girls can use this directly without a moisturizer. Keeps skin moisturized while ensuring optimal oil control. Gives a smooth base for the rest of the makeup to go on. Has a good SPF content. This is an exclusive to Asia product (I think).

Anti-Cernes Multiaction Concealer #4 - Rs. 1550 is a creamy concealer that comes packaged similar to a lipstick. What I liked about this concealer is it has the right amount of yellow to it to block out my superstrong dark circles. I wish I had some before after pictures to show you, but used in combination with the Touche Eclat, its just what I need.

Touche Eclat - Radiant Touch #8 (a more recently launched shade - is good for yellow undertones) - Rs. 2130

Charmaine says - Since I have deep-set eyes with some serious dark circles, use the concealer to first cut down on the intensity of the dark circles. Then use the Touche Eclat in areas which are more deep-set to bring in some light. Used on its own, the Touche Eclat can make my under-eye area a bit ashy, though this new shade (#8) has more yellow in it.

Complexion Enhancer #4 - Rs. 2250 is an oil-free foundation that gives a very light weight coverage. I am currently using the YSL Teint Radiance foundation, which gives a little more coverage without looking heavy at all, but this might be a better option for a lighter or a more warmer day use.

Quadrilumieres #4 - Rs. 2700. Since I wanted to try a darker lipstick, Charmaine picked a nude colour palette for my eyes. The store lighting didn't do justice to this quad and neither does this swatch I got from the YSL site, but its a perfect neutral eyes palette with shimmery shades of beige-browns and the perfect highlighter shade.

Charmaine says - (In my case, since I am a dark-skinned girl with deep-set eyes) Line the upper lash line thickly with a black pencil. Smudge the line lightly. Then apply the brown eyeshadow over it. This intensifies the colour more and the browns and beiges actually show up rather than getting all lost :)

Mascara - Noir Radical - Rs. 1900 (review here). Charmaine described this as "water-resistant." It goes off easily with soap and water, even if you skipped using a makeup remover :) However, with just splashing water on your eyes or a bit of rain, this stays put - no risk of turning into a panda look-alike.

Charmaine says - Wriggle the mascara wand into the base of your lashes depositing the maximum colour at the roots. This gives a dark base to the lashes and makes your eyes look more alive.

On my lips, Charmaine used Rouge Volupte #22. Rs. 1820 First, lined my lips with a lipliner in a similar dark colour. Then filled in the lipstick. Topped the lipstick with the YSL Golden Gloss #20 - Rs. 1570 only in the center of the lips.

Charmaine says - If you want to tone down the harshness of a darker lipstick, dab a bit of gloss - a neutral warmer shade - on the center of the lips.

I would have put the full-face pic, but I did look remarkably similar to a happy well-fed frog in the photo, so am just put a pic of the lipstick topped with the gloss :D

ysl makeover experience complimentary makeup store
Oops - darker liner showing...!!!
I am definitely picking up the concealer and Touche Eclat - the lipstick too perhaps. The Top Secrets primer will have to wait a long while because I have a jumbo bottle of a Chanel base to finish, but if you have oily skin and don't mind paying the price tag, this is a superb product.

As for the makeover itself, it was a lot of fun and quite informative too, especially considering I am pretty new to makeup. The next time Charmaine comes to Bangalore, I will probably book myself for a makeover every day if they let me :D I have always found the SAs at YSL (Mary and Johnson) the most friendly and enthusiastic ever, and no, I have not bought a whole lot of stuff from there. In fact, I have left without buying a thing from the YSL counter more often than anywhere else...err...actually did not buy anything after my makeover either (very bad manners I know). I get a better idea about what works and what doesn't if I walk around with the makeup the whole day. With products like concealers or foundations, and especially with high-end brands with steeper pricetags, I feel its better to try out at least once at the counter and then buy it if you like it another day.

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