Chizu Saeki - Japanese Skin Care Revolution - Water Massage

The Japanese Skincare Revolution by Chizu Saeki is the best book I bought this year - filled with simple ideas and practical advice on what works best for your skin (bought from Flipkart - Rs. 781 - review here).

Chizu Saeki Japanese Skin Care Revolution Water Massage
The Japanese Skincare Revolution - Chizu Saeki
I tried out the lotion mask earlier (read about it here) and I love it.  The water massage is another simple technique Chizu Saeki explains in this fabulous book.

Benefit:  Stimulating the muscles of the face and providing a toning effect.

You would need:
  • A soft bottle that you can squeeze out water in a steady stream from - something like the bottles for sauce/mustard should work fine (book recommends wash bottle which I have not been able to get till now).  A cleaned-out Parachute oil bottle too :)  The water should come out in a thin stream, with a bit of pressure, and it should be steady.  The water pressure is what would massage your face. (Not spray bottles, you need one single steady stream of water.)
  • Purified/distilled water - I use the water from my water filter - clean drinking water.

Method:  Hold the bottle a little away from your face so that the water stream hits your face with some force.  Its not meant to hurt, should be just enough pressure to feel a massaging sensation but not sting or hurt.  And keep your eyes closed while doing this so you don't put the water into your eyes.  Move the water stream over your face in the same order as the arrows shown in the pic below - starting with your forehead (1) and ending with a circle around your face (20).  The direction of the water stream should be in the same direction as shown by the arrows - in an upward direction on your cheeks, and around the eyes, mouth, and the entire face.

Chizu Saeki Japanese Skin Care Revolution Water Massage
Image from:  The Japanese Skincare Revolution (Book)
My take on this:  I have tried this a few times - not been consistent with it - but I do feel it makes a difference.  I feel fresher and my face feels refreshed after this.  Its inexpensive, fast (about a minute) - anybody can do it.  Try it, am sure you would love it too :)

Anybody tried the Aqua Radiance service at Kaya Skin Clinics?  Seems to me to be a similar concept.