What-was-I-thinking-when-I-bought-these Products :D

I am quite a Lush addict, have tried most of their products at least once, and I must have suggested at least one Lush product to everyone who asked me (or didn't in some cases).  It so happens that there is Lush even in my "waste of money" list :D

Disclaimer:  These didn't work for me.  They might work for someone else - this is just my experience with the product.

Lush Colour supplements (reviewed here)

This is marketed as a foundation/tinted moisturizer/concealer, use it anyway you want to kind of product by Lush, but the concept didn't translate all that well when tested.  Vanishes in about an hour or two and leaves my face oily.

Lush Colour Supplements Tinted Foundation Moustirizer Saving Face Serum Bar

Lush Saving Face Serum Bar reviewed here.

Max Factor Vibrant Curve Effect Lipgloss (review here)

Maxfactor vibrant curve effect lip gloss artistic 16

The only reason I do not like this and do not use this is I hate it's strange taste/smell.  I did not try it on my lips at the counter - just swatched it on and bought it.  Only when I reached home and tried, I found out about this awful smell/taste.  I do not know if it's just the one I got - something wrong with it (?) - any ideas anyone??

Kaya Daily Use Sunscreen Lotion (review here)

kaya skin clinic daily use sunscreen spf 15 face lotion moisturizer

I don't even know why I bought this.  Had gone to the Kaya Clinic to try one of their treatments, saw this, bought it.  I start getting pimples about a week after I started using this.  Stop using this, and they disappear.  It seemed like a nice product, otherwise.

Lush Shampoo Bar - Godiva (review here)

Lush Godiva Solid Shampoo conditioner Bar

Claims to be a shampoo-and-conditioner combo bar.  It left my hair dry and dull.

NYX Liquid Eye Liner (review here)

NYX Liquid Dark Brown Eyeliner

Over-priced, useless eyeliner.  While NYX is quite cheap abroad in India it can be a bit expensive, and for that price you can buy Lakme or anything cheaper.  Go eat an ice cream with the money you save :D

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cleanser - (review here)

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cleanser Face Wash

A face wash that miraculously strips off all the oil from the face, but leaves all the dirt intact!  How do they make such fascinating products?  Only saving grace - it's inexpensive - and if you think it might work for you, you can easily try it out - plus it is available in smaller sizes.