Dec 5, 2010

Winter Gear from Lush

Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter Pied de Pepper Foot Lotion Sweet Lips Scrub
Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter
Lush Pied de Pepper Foot Lotion
Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub
Not exactly winter gear, but I found these at a stall in Forum Mall - traditional Indian jhumkas with enamel detailing - well, not the real thing, but a pretty good replica that cost me about Rs. 150 :D :D

Traditional Indian jwellery earrings jhumkas meenakari design replica

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  1. omg...the jhumkas are super awesome !!!! lovely lovely...put a phottoo of u wearing it na !!

  2. I thought they were superawesome tooo..but reached home...mirror check..looked a tad too golden..not sure now...

  3. oh isit....its a wearable color...pair it with a white kurta...will look beautifullll :D

  4. Yup a white kurta would be great for this naa...have only one white kurta and that is like the savior for a lot of my crazy accessories

  5. :D...and good afternoon !!!

  6. Good afternoon..hey did you get your haircut?

  7. yup i did...went yest...did not get time on sat :)

  8. he he..those jhumkaaaaaaaaaaaas are sooooooooooper cuteee!!....

  9. :D :D I wanted longer ones :D :D

  10. Aw the Lush stuff is awesome. Lemony Flutter is great for my dry hands and Pied the Pepper is my go to foot cream after killing myself on the treadmill. Rads you should try the other hand cream from Lush as well : Helping Hands. That doesn't have any fragrance (very mild scent) so it's nice for the office when you don't want people to know that you're using hand cream but your hands will look really nice and soft.

  11. I stay at home Fieran, so I can use any stinky cream safely :D :D but I will try Helping Hands soon as I use up my stock of Nivea.

  12. me lusting after sweet lips... :) lurve the jhumkis........ wear them na...

  13. Me love jhumkis - have so many of them :D


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