Lush Silky Underwear

Lush Silky Underwear - special dusting powder with grated cocoa butter - my review.

lush silky underwear reviews ingredients dusting powder blog

I got this powder for absolutely no other reason other than it's name. Lush claims it has an amazing jasmine fragrance and it leaves the skin super smooth. Also, it does not have any talc in the ingredient list. Rather, it uses cornstarch and kaolin as the absorbent agents. Plus, it has grated cocoa butter added in it which makes the skin smooth. 

My experience with the product:   First, the packaging.  Now, I understand recyclable packaging has its merits, but really for the price they charge, I would want a sturdy packaging.  This comes in a cardobard-kind of a cylinder packing which seems flimsy but has not really been damaged so far, not that I have thrown it around roughly.  The powder is dispensed through a twist cap (I really don't know what to call it) - twist to get the holes into the proper position and dab the powder out.  Theoretically, that should work.  It sure does work in almost all powder dispensers I have seen so far.  The problem I have had is unless you have left the container standing upright all the time, the powder would eventually work its way out of the cap and a lot of it gets wasted.

lush silky underwear reviews ingredients dusting powder blog

The other thing is the smell - I did not find it amazingly perfumed - it has a very mild smell, and really by Lush standards, it is just way too mild.  It's not that I dislike it, but just that Lush's claims of this being jasmine scented are just not true.  Unless I got a really old product and the scent had just disappeared.

Ingredients:   The cornstarch and kaolin do a good enough job at absorbing any moisture/oiliness and do the leave the skin pretty dry.  It's a great dusting powder, especially for use in the summers.  The thing is, though, so is Ponds which I tried some time back and is available for a lot less money - or any other decent powder.

lush silky underwear reviews ingredients dusting powder blog

Lastly, the cocoa bits - this has very very finely grated cocoa butter bits, can almost miss seeing them but you can feel the bits when you first rub the powder on your skin.  They are amazingly finely grated bits and disappear into the skin in no time.  I never even realized they were there until I was reading the Lush site once!  I really don't know if it makes any difference to the powder..but they are there and I suppose they do add something good to the skin.

lush silky underwear reviews ingredients dusting powder blog

Verdict:  I find this an unnecessary buy from Lush - at least for me.  It's very costly, and I really don't have any problem with regular powders that I would need to for such an expensive alternative.  I find this too mildly scented - again, it might be just me feeling that way, so please do smell this at the store.  This is a talc-free and vegan product - so that's really the only advantage I could think of this.  I would rather spend the 600 Rs on something else from Lush.

Cost:  Rs. 630/100 g ($10.95)

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