Mar 5, 2011

Blogger Help: How to Contact Blogger

Continuing with my very infrequent posts on Blogger issues (earlier versions here), this post is about how to contact Blogger.  There is no "contact us" for Blogger, at least not any I could find to fill out for Blogger-related queries.  Instead there is "Blogger Help" - best described as a forum with lots of topics which you can search through for information.  For posting any queries - use the Help Forum.

blogger help forum nitecruzr post query

In case of any technical issues with blogger -for instance, a few weeks back a lot of the blogs could not be accessed - the place to report the issue would be Help Forum - Something Is Broken.

blogger help forum nitecruzr post query

Clicking on "Something Is Broken" would pull up a list of topics that have already been posted.  Take the time to go through it and see if a problem similar to what you are facing has already been reported.  Most times, you would find the appropriate discussion - just post your query under that.

blogger help forum nitecruzr post query

Things to remember while posting on the Blogger Help Forum:
  • Patience:  You may or may not get a direct reply to your query.  This happens most often when there are 10 other people posting the same query in that discussion.  Just keep checking and a "Blogger Employee" would have replied at some point somewhere.  This might seem very inefficient and frustrating, but the point is, your problem will get solved at some point.  The most helpful contributor is this person "Nitecruzr."  I cannot stress this enough number of times, this person needs to be taken VERY seriously.  Especially if you are appealing for blog reviews!

blogger help forum nitecruzr post query

  • Go through the various queries and take time to figure out where your query would fit in best.  Do not post the same query in 3-4 different posts.  Create a new post only if your query has not been covered earlier.
  • Use this general format to post the queries:
Your Blogspot URL:
Your custom domain URL (if applicable):
Browser(s) used:
Service Provider: (Thank you, Poohkie)
This is just the general format.  Any additional information as required please post after this.  Any specific instructions from Blogger, follow that format.
  • Polite queries usually get a polite response.  Use decent language and take the time to write properly.  Blogger is ultimately a free blogging platform, so someone somewhere is doing you a service for free.  Please appreciate that effort.
Problem Rollup:  In cases where a lot of people are facing the same issue, Blogger opens up a separate topic in the "Something is Broken" section.  The topic would start with the words "Problem Rollup."  Look out for these discussions, since these are more issue specific.

blogger help forum nitecruzr post query

Okay, so that's about it.  I have tried to give some very general information here - not claiming it's complete.  Do feel free to share any more information - would be helpful for all of us.

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  1. I would like to add 1 more point. In the general format that you have mentioned, also add which service provider you are using. They sometimes specifically ask for that info. Another good article Rads.

  2. Will update that Poohkie - thanks for reminding :)

  3. You are doing samaj seva Rads and people call you evil.....he he he

  4. :P Donchooooo laugh at meeeee :SPANK:

  5. That was really useful Rads thanks :) I've just started my blog and this is really helpful :)

  6. very informative..I love this series of urs :))


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