Mar 27, 2011

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter

TBS Olive Body Butter - all-over body moisturiser with olive oil that helps condition, soften, and smooth the skin and prevent dryness.

TBS the BodyShop Olive Oil Body Butter Reviews Ingredients Skincare Makeup Beauty Blog

Staying in Bangalore means even in the summers skin stays dry, and the problem gets worse because of the hard water.  Needless to say, I try out a lot of body butters all through the year.  I am currently using the TBS Olive Body Butter, and I am really liking it.  A pale greenish body butter with the richness of olive oil, it is thick enough to fit in the body butter category yet spreads easily enough and gets absorbed quite quickly too.  My skin stays hydrated the whole day - I don't think it stretches the whole 24 hours, but I can just about barely manage without having to reapply - so I would say about 8-12 hours of really well moisturized skin.  After that, it starts to give up :P

TBS the BodyShop Olive Oil Body Butter Reviews Ingredients Skincare Makeup Beauty Blog
It is body butter, though, and can be greasy, so don't pick this up unless your skin is really dry.  It has a very mild fragrance, at least compared to some of the other TBS body butters that I have tried, but it did seem a bit plasticky to me - not really something that bothers me, though.

TBS Olive Body Butter - Ingredients

TBS the BodyShop Olive Oil Body Butter Reviews Ingredients Skincare Blog

If you are having problems with dry skin, I would definitely recommend this.  Best used immediately after a bath when the skin is still damp - helps seal in the moisture, you need lesser of the product, and it gets absorbed much faster.

TBS Olive Body Butter (available here) - Cost:  Rs. 745/200 mL ($18.00)

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  1. Hi Rads, I smelled this one alongwith others but then opted for strawberry body looks and smells like strawberry icecream in a tub..which face and body sunscreens will you be using for summers?

  2. I bought the olive body scrub and I am not a fan of its smell...din even like the body scrub actually...

  3. I usually use body butters in winters..For summers I like body lotions.. :) :)

  4. Bhumika - smells very mild but kind of plstic.

    Rajeshwari - Ya those do smell better, but I wanted a milder fragrance for a change :D Sunblock - using Clinique Dermawhite. Body lotion - am not so particular, one of the Lakme lotions with sunscreen in it also work for me :)

    Swati - Ya I didn't like the scrub smell at all! Smelled very odd - I prefer one of the berry-based butters, smell so much better :)

    Cali - I don't know why my skin is so awfully dry even now!

  5. It looks nice in the tub..........we have the same dry weather in hyderabad Rads.....i tho use body lotion in summers, can't do without it

  6. hello,
    where can i get the products that you mention in your website (in Blore ie), which shop/mall etc...
    do they have any products for men too?

  7. Hi Anon..specifically Bodyshop? Or other brands too? Bodyshop has a couple of stores in Bangalore, and yes they do have some products for men too.

  8. You can check the store locations for Bodyshop, either in Bangalore or anywhere else in India, by going to this page.

  9. Hope that leave a comment if you needed info about any other brand/product :)

  10. TBS Bangalore stores: I saw one TBS store at Shoppers Stop, Koramangala, also..guess is a new one.

    BANGALORE (9 Stores)

    1. 7-Ground Floor, Cosmos Mall
    Brookfield, Kundanhalli Road
    Tel: 91-80-41604385/ 41604387

    2. Shop No. 8, Ground Floor
    Garuda Mall
    Tel: 91-80-41126302

    3. Bangalore Central, Plot No. 45/1, 45/2
    45th Cross, JP Nagar, 2nd Phase
    Tel: 91-9880972115

    4. Shop No. F 53, First Floor
    Mantri Square, Malleshwaram
    Sampige Road, Bangalore
    Tel: 91-80-30160120

    5. Shop No. 205,
    The Forum Mall, Koramangla
    Tel: 91-80-22067710

    6. SIS, Shopper's Stop
    Commerce at Mantri, Bannerghata
    Tel: 91-9880972115

    7. Shop No. C-2, Ground Floor
    100 Feet Road, Indira Nagar
    Tel: 91-80-42043095

    8. RT 01 & 02, Ground Floor
    Forum Value Mall
    Whitefield, Bangalore
    Tel: 91-80-40948387

    9. Unit No 215, 216
    Khata Number 424/376
    Royal Meenakshi Mall
    SY Number 63 Hulimavu Village
    Bannergatta Road
    Bangalore - 560076
    Tel: 91-80-67080261


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