Skincare for the Summers from Lush

Summer is here - quite uninvited, but here nevertheless - and these are my favorites for the summer from Lush.  I have oily-combination skin - and the products I list would mostly be the ones suitable for my kind of skin.

Fresh Farmacy Cleanser

With goodness of chamomile and calamine for the acne-prone skin, Fresh Farmacy bar removes all the excess oil and leaves the skin clean.  It is perfect for oily/combination/sensitive skins.  I find this a tad drying for the winters, but for the summers - MUST BUY.  Be careful with the storage - as with all Lush soaps - do not leave standing in water.  Cost:  Rs. 570/100 g ($9.75/3.5 oz)

fresh farmacy cleanser soap face review
Lush Fresh Farmacy Cleanser
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Lush Toners/Waters

Having acne prone skin, I personally prefer using the Tea Tree Water, though Breath of Fresh Air is also quite good.  I would recommend Eau Roma Water for anyone with a more dry skin or if you are spending long hours in the AC to escape from the summer heat.  Store the toners in the fridge and just spritz on whenever you feel the heat is getting just a little too much :)

Cost: Breath of Fresh Air - Rs. 750/250 g and Rs. 410/100 g
Tea Tree Water - Rs. 640/250 g and Rs. 410/100 g
Eau Roma Water - Rs. 790/250 g and Rs. 410/100 g
(All cost $19.95/8.4 fl oz in the US)
Lush Toner Water Breath of Fresh Air Eau Roma Tea Tree review
Lush Toners:  Eau Roma Water, Tea Tree Water, Breath of Fresh Air

Moisturizer (Face) - Vanishing Cream

I have not bought a full size tub of this (only used a sampler size) - and from what I can say from a week's use - it is as amazing as Lush claims.  Is just the perfect lightness needed for the oily skins but does moisturize without leaving any of the pesky dry spots that the combination skin types might be prone to.  It has a strong tea-tree smell, which is not a issue with me, but do smell it before you buy.  Cost: Rs. 2490/45 g ($39.95/1.5 oz)

lush vanishing cream moisturizer review oily skin
Lush Vanishing Cream Moisturizer
Image Source:  Lush

Face Mask - Mask of Magnaminty

Minty green mask from Lush.  With clay and lentils to soak up the excess oils and clean up the skin and refreshing mint, this mask is the perfect mask for the summers.  I thought it would dry up my skin a lot (don't ask me why, I just thought so), but it does not.  It's not a smooth mask, is a bit grainy, so do not try to apply a very thin layer - bits tend to drop all over the place and make a mess.  A slightly thick layer of the mask (straight out of the fridge), and lie down and relax for about 15 minutes.  Scrub lightly while washing off the mask - and you will forget all about the crowded bus ride home (well not forget, but this will make you feel clean).  Cost:  Rs. 440/125 g and Rs. 900/315 g. ($22.95/11.1 oz and 11.95/4.4 oz)

Lush Face Mask of Magnaminty Green Oily Skin Reviews
Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Dark Angels cleanser

Not really a mask, but it works great as a scrub-mask for the summers.  Apply a thin paste of this coal-black cleanser on clean skin.  Leave it to dry - will take about a 2-3 minutes (which is why I said THIN paste).  Scrub very gently while washing off .  This the most oil-absorbing product I have used - in fact, I won't even use it unless my skin is getting oily - I feel it just soaks up every bit of oil in my skin.  Perfect for those with truly oily skins.  Just make sure you scrub very gently, and if you have any acne on your face, even the healing ones, don't scrub.  Scrubbing causes skin irritation and delays healing.  Cost:  Rs. 700/100 g ($10.95/3.5 oz)

Lush Dark Angels Face Scrub cleanser Black Oily Skin Dark Young
Lush Dark Angels Scrub Cleanser

Moisturizer (body) - Dream Cream

This is my absolute favorite moisturizer.  The only one I used, till I got a small tub of Charity Pot in a Lush goody bag.  Dream Cream is a light yet very effective moisturizer - made for the sensitive skins, so there is hardly any added fragrance to mask the smell of what I think is tea tree oil.  Charity Pot is a bit heavier moisturizer - though suitable for all skins, dry skins might find this perfect.  It smells of chocolate and comes with the moisturizing goodness of almonds.  Plus 100% of the proceeds go to charity, so you do a good deed too :)
Cost:  Dream Cream - Rs. 1310/240 g ($5/1.7 oz and $21.95/7.9 oz)
Charity Pot - Rs. 990/240 g (25.95/8.4 oz and $5/1.6 oz)

Lush Charity Pot Dream Cream Hand Body Lotion Moisturizer Sensitive Skin Eczema
Lush Dream Cream Lotion Moisturizer and Lush Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion

I know I have not listed any day-time moisturizer with sunscreen because I have not tried the ones from Lush (not even a sampler), so I would not know what to recommend.

What are your favorite products for the summers?

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  1. After getting lush soaps from you....I too have become a fan..........I will start ordering online Radsuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. :evilgrin: you have not yet used them naaa :P

  3. i took bath with them......already. even Aarohan....khikhikhikhi...and applied the nail polish must really love me a lot na to send such a gorgeous colour....I mean my padosi ka 10-year-old ladka complimented me on it

  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Errrrrrrrrrr :| :| me think think and come up with some suitable reply by next week :|

  5. nice compilation rads :) U knw everythg bout Lush like jomol does for oriflame :p
    ok jomol..pls dont kill me..:)

  6. Jomol won't kill you..she loves Oriflame..Ori-prem :P :P

  7. Great List gonna buy the Fresh Farmacy cleanser atleast!! ..Dont feel like buying the black scrub thing though.. :P :P

    And Good Morning!! :D

  8. Fresh Farmacy is goooood for summers..the black scrub thing :P :P my mom took one look at it and was telling "I will go black if I use it." !!!!!

  9. mask of magnamity , vanishing cream and dar k angels... !! im s tempted for these... lush is soo expensive but..! and not without its fare share of parabens :(
    buti will pick atleast one of these for summers as my skin is soooper oily!!

    theonly lush producti have is tea tree toner and i absolutely love it ! :)

  10. I have never bought Vanishing Cream because of the price tag. I use Dream Cream for my face, and it's amazing. I just don't recommend it to anyone because well it's a body lotion :P :P

  11. hahaha but doesnt it get heavy for face then?
    i know vanishing cream is too expensive...
    my toner is getting over and im defntly going back for it... so whn im there ill check out wth is in this luxury vanishing cream :P but moreso i'll check darkangels... its intriguing me *_*

  12. No amazingly it doesn't!! It's so light..I had started using it because my skin was dry and flaky and I got really scared - me normally oily-combi skin so dry flaky scares me - guess it was something to do with the stupid Blore winter weather. worked well that time and I just continued using it. But then Bangalore has a very dry the time proper summer starts I might have to switch to some other cream :D

  13. Neha, Lush gives samples - especially if you have already bought something, definitely definitely ask them for a sample of something that you would want to try - it's a small amount that they give, but it helps know if it works or not at least instead of wasting money buying the full size dabba :)

  14. i soooo want to try lushhhh ... kabbbbb???? i dunno :| :| :|

    radsssss, how aaaaaarrrrrr u ??????

  15. Sell the Ritu Kumar at 75% off to someone (errr me) and use that money to buy 10 g of Lush :P :P :P

  16. Hi Rads, apt post from the lush girl :) I'll get the mask of magnaminty soon :)

  17. hey ya rads, me got the fresh farmacy cleanser too...liking it lotsss....hav even reviewd it on my tinu blog.. :P :P :P

  18. Aarthi - Heheee..ya I kind of figured I have tried almost everything they have in the store!!!

    Nupur - oh I saw just maybe 5 minutes back!

  19. :) me sooo liking lush :) :) :)
    :happy dance:

  20. Rads since you have LUSH CRUSH...pls tell me which is THE product i must try...i am plannin to visit Lush store in chennai for the first time...

  21. Varshini - among the ones I have listed, you could try either Magnaminty mask or Fresh Farmacy cleanser for the face (foams and is in soap form). Both are some of the less expensive options at Lush. You could also try Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask - am of course assuming your skin is oily/combi and cos you stay in Chennai and it's a really humid climate there. Do let me know if you have a different skin type :) and sorry abt the late reply..was busy with something else so didnt check the blog at all :D

  22. thnx rads... i have oily combo :)...will def try all these...thnx for ur suggestions...

  23. Happy shopping Varshini :D :D :D..and do ask for samples of anything else that you would like to try :)


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