Elle 18 Kajal (Review)

Elle 18 came out with a repackaged range of products some time back, and I had tried their Colour Bombs (nail polish) earlier - love those.  I got to try out the kajal recently, and I am beginning to think Elle 18 is the best value for money range I am ever going to find!

elle 18 kajal review eotd

I have only tried kajals in pencil form so far, so this twist-up cone packaging is quite new for me.  Right now I have no problems with the packaging, but I do wonder what happens when it starts wearing down to a more rounded shape!

elle 18 kajal swatch review

It's as black as any decent kajal could be - smudges easily enough if I rub the swatch - but stays on quite decently on the waterline.  Love that it smells of camphor and it does not irritate my eyes at all.  The packaging claims that it "contains almonds."  Not sure of the significance - it's probably almond oil.

At Rs. 65/3 mL, I would rate this GOOD!

I don't know if it's the summer, but I have been keeping my eye makeup absolutely bare minimal now - Elle18 kajal for tightlining and on the lower waterline, a generous amount of mascara, and my eye makeup is done.  This is me on one such hot irritating day - you'll agree from my expression :D :D

elle 18 kajal review eotd
To save some people the trouble of asking, yes it is UB city. 
The AC seemed to be working in only some areas, probably
because it's not a closed building - so was very hot after a while.

Is for Noofuuurrrrrr...me put proper pic :D
In the pic, the kajal has been on for almost 3 hours, and it stayed on when I reached back home too.  In about 5 hours, it starts a slow migration off the waterline, but nothing scary.  For a kajal, I think that's quite decent performance.

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