May 23, 2011

Homemade Strawberry Yogurt and Some Bonding :P

I love strawberry yogurt, but being the obsessive label reader that I am, it's not easy to overlook the fact that the store-bought tubs come with loads of added ingredients.  Plus the fact that it's an added expense.  Easy way out, make it at home myself, and use the money on something better instead (ahemmmm...a Chanel perhaps :P).

Take 5 large strawberries and chop them into really small bits.

strawberry yogurt homemade recipe fresh

The next step is kind of optional.  I found the strawberries a bit tart, so sprinkled sugar over the chopped pieces and left them to soften a bit.  I know some people prefer to skip sugar, health reasons, but apart from the added sweetness, it helps to soften the strawberry pieces.  After they soften a bit, I coarsely mash them a bit so the chunks are there, but its all a bit mushy too :D

strawberry yogurt homemade recipe fresh
Put the strawberry pieces in a bowl and add the sugar.
It can be quite messy, otherwise.
Add the softened, mashed berries into a bowl/cup.  Top up with thick yogurt (I have used homemade yogurt) - about 5-6 large tablespoons.

strawberry yogurt homemade recipe fresh
  I really didn't measure while making.  Just mix in enough
yogurt to make it creamy and tasty :)
Stir and mix everything.  Taste.  Add sugar/honey/maple syrup - any sweetener if you need.  Cover and keep in the refrigerator for about an hour or two for it get cold and thick.

strawberry yogurt homemade recipe fresh
Perfect snack for the 11 a.m. hunger pangs :) :)
And the bonding?  Turns out Deb and I decided to have strawberry yogurt about the same time - and we found it so funny both of us decided to post it at the same time :D :D  Here's Deb's snack!

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