Thann Revitalizing Face Mask (Review)


Thann Revitalizing Face Mask with Grape fruit, Mulberry root, and Shiso extracts is a concentrated treatment mask that restores suppleness and radiance in a single application. Shiso extract and Trehalose (plant derived) replenish skin moisture and elasticity. Grape fruit and Mulberry extracts improves skin radiance and reduces the amount of visible spots caused by uneven melanin formation.

thann revitalizing face mask shiso grapefruit mulberry radiance review
thann revitalizing face mask shiso grapefruit mulberry radiance review

Though I don't go out in the sun that much, I have been getting more than a fair share of sun exposure and this just seemed like the perfect time to try out this mask.  This is a peel-off mask, but it comes with the powder and liquid components packed separately, to be mixed immediately before use.  Each pack contains 3 packets of a whitish powder (revitalizing complex) and 3 packets of a clear liquid (revitalizing essence).

thann revitalizing face mask shiso grapefruit mulberry radiance review

Directions for Use:  Mix together one sachet of the powder with one sachet of the liquid to make a paste, apply, wait for it to dry, and then peel it off.

thann revitalizing face mask shiso grapefruit mulberry radiance review use directions how to

Though I had this mask with me for a while now, it's only recently I got around to using it.  Though the instructions are to use the entire sachet, the quantity seemed just a bit too much for me - about one-third of the packet is all I need for my face!  I mix powder and the liquid (which is thick and almost oily looking) into a smooth paste and apply it on my face, wait for about 15 minutes by which time it dries.  If you use as directed, you can peel the mask off easily like a peel off mask, but when used in lesser quantity, like I did, use a warm wet towel to gently wipe off the mask.  It kind of crumbles away since it is a thinner peel.

For reference, my skin type is oily-combination/sensitive.  The mask has no burning/tingling sensation and has a soothing fragrance to it.  It feels nice to put on and relax.  The first time I put it, though, when I washed off I had redness on one side of my face.  It was quite obvious, looked like a rash, and I didn't know what to do.  That disappeared by the next morning and my skin looked really healthy.  The subsequent times that I used it I still had a bit of redness though not as scary as the first time.

Note about Vitamin C containing products: 
  • They can cause a bit of sensitivity/tingling in some skin types.  I didn't have any burning/tingling, but I did get redness on my skin.  This was a temporary effect that disappeared by the next day, but I would avoid using this mask right before any important occasion unless you are absolutely sure of having no reaction.
  • Use of vitamin C causes skin to be more sensitive towards sun damage.  Avoid use if you are going out in the sun.  I use it on Mondays-Tuesdays because I stay indoors most of the week.
  • If you do go out, use liberal amounts of sunscreens to avoid damage to sensitive skin.


thann revitalizing face mask shiso grapefruit mulberry radiance review ingredients

Key Ingredients:
Perilla Ocymoides (Shiso) Extract: Antioxidant, moisturizer, and anti-histamine.  Shiso originated from central part of China.  Shiso leaf extract contains various substances including rosemarinic acid, linoleic acid, glycoproteins, l-perillaldehyde, and phenol compound.  When used as an ingredient in hair and skincare products, these natural substances provide benefits as moisturizers and help protecting the skin from premature aging due to harmful environments. 
Selaginella Lepidophylla (Trehalose): Replenishes skin moisture by serving as a supportive substance to maintain cell structure. 
Morus Nigra (Mulberry) Extract: Reduces spots and enhances smooth skin.
Vitis Vinifera (Grape Fruit) Extract: Improves skin radiance.

Cost:   $38.00 (Rs. 2135)

Overall, I would say this is a good treatment mask.  This is NOT a whitening mask.  If you went out in the sun, got a nice tan, this is not going to turn time back.   This is more of a treatment mask that speeds up healing process and gives a boost of antioxidants to the skin.  It gives you healthy glowing skin and helps blemishes clear out faster.  The best results are, of course, achieved if you follow the instructions and use the entire sachet, but lesser quantities also give good results.  It is definitely a splurge but does deliver on the results.

Available in India at Thann outlet, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, and Zela, Richmon Road (both in Bangalore).

*Product provided by brand.

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  1. sounds nice rads..powder liquid separate..different :p

  2. It's the first time I am seeing something like this, though I saw a similar product reviewed on IMBB some time...vaguely remember.

  3. wow radhika....this seems to b a really nice product...!!!!!!!!!
    u know, i am big big big fan of your reviews.
    the first thing i do as soon as i open my eyes is check your blog and reviews... :D :D :D :D

  4. next time na..we meet somewhere and split the pack and apply :D :D

  5. Too complicated for my taste :P

    Me found TBS in Nederkalands now :D still no sign of MAC though =/ also I just cannot believe how obscenely priced the drugstore products are here....

  6. Nupur - That is not fan fan...:P :P Nope...:P :P but I shall have my revenge :P :P

    Peeereeeeeeeeeeeeyaaa - the sensiblestttt thing to do :D

  7. I am beginning to thing Europe is the wrong place to go makeup shopping in, Deb!! Why is it so costly there?

  8. I truly have no idea...but its all a perspective for example i do think that higher end brands are the same price as well....for example makeup you can find brands like Carisse and Miss Sporty that sell stuff for 2 euro and all, but Maxfactor foundation that i paid something like 600 rs in India here is 18 euro...what is crazy because Clinique and EL and Lancome things also have that same starting price

  9. Wowwwwww...16 euros for MF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Debbbb you should have stuffed MF dabbas in your baggage instead of would have become euro millionaire by now :D

  10. Not a problem at all...I rather use lancome :P same price here as in India the higher end brands so no issues xD also cheapo here than MF are Rimmel and Borjouis and no care only...

    Problem i am finding is with skin care =/ good i had stocked up some stuff...and think i will have to resort to TBS for the unemployed while :D but its all good....

    Here you know..garnier and olay and loreal are more expensive than TBS :D one garnier eye roll on is 18 euro :D and loreal and Olay stuff starts from 20 22 euro

  11. What?????!!! Oh but some of the Olay and Loreal products are terribly costly here too..those ones are very wisely not sold in India :D My sis used to tell UK..might as well buy Lush and TBS cos those are cheaper :D

  12. Ha India there is no market only for this type of things...I will buy everything TBS for a while now, at least on stuff I can trust as i love but hate lots of TBS stuff also :D

    haven't seen lush i pretty much live in a village now xD but as soon as I explore i will come to grips with the makeup scene here and share my views :P

    One thing i discovered and loved by that in this cold, the part that is suffering more are my hands....and I dont even wash was peeling away and the top looking like a lizard's i applied night cream a cheapo cheapo one i got in the market and in just one night it brought my hands back from hell..if you need give it a try :)

  13. Mine too, Deb...and I wash vessels so that adds! I am using Nivea most of the day and a lush cream for the night ..what cream did you use? Is cheapo..tell me I will also get :D


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