The 5 Minute Face: The Quick and Easy Makeup Guide for Every Woman - Carmindy

Ever since I started reading beauty and makeup blogs, I have developed an interest in reading books on this topic - from skincare to makeup - and I recently picked up a book by one of my favorite makeup artists, Carmindy.

The makeup host for the show What Not To Wear with Stacy and Clinton, Carmindy's makeup suggestions are all very simple and sensible, and while they are different for each person, there is always the common thread of focusing on and enhancing natural beauty.  There was one episode where the person getting the makeover was a lady truck driver, and I was wondering what wear-to-work makeup suggestions could anyone possibly give her - that's when I first heard the term "primer."  Carmindy made the lady look naturally beautiful with hardly any makeup (the primer over the moisturizer made her skin look brighter while protecting it from pollution).  Needless to say, I was fascinated!

Carmindy has written three books (info from Wikipedia):
  • The 5-minute face: the quick and easy makeup guide for every woman.
  • Get Positively Beautiful: The Ultimate Guide to Looking and Feeling Gorgeous.
  • Crazy Busy Beautiful: Beauty Secrets for Getting Gorgeous Fast
I have read the first two and hope to pick up the last one some time soon.

In the 5-minute face, Carmindy starts with basic skincare advice (very brief) and goes on to the one really important aspect of every face - the eyebrows.  A chapter titled "Get Brows That Wow" explains on how to get the perfect brow and then she moves on to explaining about the different textures and types of makeup and what each one is suitable for.   The 5-minute face is the basic face makeup that involves foundation/tinted moisturizer, concealer, setting powder, highlighter, blush, basic eye makeup, and lip colour.  The simplest makeup that would only take 5 minutes!  While this is a really useful basic guide, what I loved about the book are the various "looks" that Carmindy explains in detail - modifications of the basic 5-minute face to suit different occasions, skin colour, age, etc.

What I loved about the book:
  • Loads of photos, so you get a very good idea what she is talking about.
  • All the looks explained in the book are basic, simple, easy to try out and tweak.  Rather than being celebrity inspired looks which might not suit everyone, these are more season or occasion specific - like a makeup look for the holidays or one for summers.  An easy smoky eye look and a look using colours like purple and blue but done in such a way that even a makeup-shy person would want to give it a try.  Nothing is over the top, loud, or too bold but nevertheless not at all boring.
  • Specific colour/texture recommendations for each skin type and colour - for instance, there is a chapter on a classic black-tie/formal event look, and she gives suggestions on the type of red to pick up (fair complexions - cooler cherry or rose reds; redheads - warm reds like tomato or brick red; medium or olive skin - classic true reds like an apple; dark skins - deep reds).
  • Apart from this, at the end of the book, she gives product suggestions for each of the looks - one each from a high-end brand and a drugstore brand.
  • Of course, as always, throughout the book are loads of positive comments and always the emphasis on finding the best feature and working on that.
An awesome book to pick up for anyone with an interest in makeup/beauty products and especially for beginners and makeup newbies like me :D

Available at Flipkart :  Cost Rs. 603

If you have any makeup/beauty/skincare book suggestions, do share :)

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  1. Does the show air in India rads? I used to love watching the Trinny and Suzannah version on Travel and Living... wonder why they stopped... and why India does not have any makeover shows of its own :(

    I am not counting the likes of Band Baaja Bride here... they seem doctored for rich daddy's girls somehow....

  2. Ya I haven't seen the US version in India..only the UK version of it. And oh I hate that Band Baaja thing..most of these reality shows are sooo sooooooooooo scripted and full of drama!!! Try You might find some videos there.

  3. Wow.. Never thought about reading a book on makeup.. Thanks for letting me know Rads :)

  4. I was thinking to order the Little Black book of style,will order this one too with it :D :D

    @anks - try torrents,you can get everything there ;)

  5. you can watch it in the web Anks on they have just about all seasons of any fricking show on earth there i guess :D

    Radsu I also love makeup books, they are so entertaining, as i permanently banned beauty magazines from my life i dont even look at them anymore somehow beauty books still catch my fancy

  6. Deb - Yup..they are entertaining na..even if I don't do any makeup from it, I love reading all about.

  7. Ritika - Little Black Book of get that good? Me read and tell..:D

  8. Debooo hiyaa!! :)

    radhika i will check this out..infact will olook out for this on yootoobe also.

    loved this part" Of course, as always, throughout the book are loads of positive comments and always the emphasis on finding the best feature and working on that."

  9. You seen Carmindy? She is like that only in the show also...I love love love her on the see on YT some time.


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