Jul 20, 2011

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy: Orange-Ginger Energizing Invigorating Body Wash

Boost your energy. Orange Essential Oil refreshes and uplifts to relieve tension. Ginger Essential Oil stimulates the soul and sharpens the senses.  This nourishing body wash contains Green Tea Extract to help keep sking looking younger and healthier.

Bath and Body Works Energizing Invigorating Orange Ginger Wash Reviews Aromatherapy

This is going to be quite an itsy-bitsy short review.  This was part of a travel set my sister got for me ages back, and I don't have the original packaging, so I cannot put up the ingredient list either.  Anyway on to the bit of the review that I can do :D  This is a clear, pale yellow body wash with a refreshing citrusy spicy smell.  I just need to smell this and feel awake instantly.  As recommended by Bath and Body Works, you need take a deep breath to get the best effect.  Love it.  The smell doesn't stay on the skin after a wash, though.  I use it with The Body Shop bathing gloves to get supersmooth skin, and it washes off easily without leaving a slippery feel on my skin.  While it doesn't dry my skin too much, I do have to follow this up with a moisturizer.

Cost:  $5.00 (59 mL)

I generally love instantly refreshing citrus smells, so this body wash would definitely be a "love it" for me.  Now that I have access to Bath and Body Works, I want to try other products, though.  Which is your favorite product from Bath and Body Works?

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  1. All these aromatherapy products are always sooo good na Rads!! :D :D :D And I loveeeee citrusy fragrances...

  2. Yaaa! Love aromatherapy products...just seeing the settings in these spa brochures makes me feel so relaxed..like how you had posted na photo...:D

  3. sounds lovely :) thanks for sharing <3

  4. Hi Sara :) It's my first time trying out Bath and Body Works..and am loving it so far :) :)

  5. Bath and body work aromatherapy products are divine :) my favourite is lavender vanilla :) i also love the bergamot coriander ;)

  6. Sweet Pea body lotion is my fav :)

  7. y dont BBW open stores like TBS here ? :(
    sweet pea and some fuschia my fav too :D

    R - u starting any parcelling buz ;)

  8. i would buy it only phor the botllleeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .. i saw this huge store of bb in dubai and i totally smugggeeedd.. now i want to go back.. wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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