Jul 14, 2011

Beat the Summer Heat - Sunscreen/Sunblock and After-Sun Skin Care

Summer is the one time of the year I actually really hate - the rest of the times I am just grumbling out of habit.  Ideally, I would try to avoid being out between 11 and 3 since the sun's rays are at their most active scorching best at that time, but since I am not an early morning person, I go for the second best option - sunblocks.


I like to pick sunscreens with actual physical sun-blocking ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in them.  With a bit of trial and error, I have found these to be the best ingredients, not just because they don't really decompose into harmful chemicals that can harm the skin later, but also because they don't seem to irritate my sensitive acne-prone skin so much.  Two products I have tried and loved:  Lotus Herbocomplex Lotion with SPF 15  and the Clinique Dermawhite sunblock with SPF 40.
lotus sun protection lotion herbocomplex spf 15
clinique derma white sunblock lotion spf 40

Slather on the sunblock at least 20 minutes before stepping out into the sun.  How much to apply?  Wikipedia info says "about 1/4 to 1/3 of a teaspoon for the average adult face. Larger individuals should scale these quantities accordingly."  I apply about 1/4 of not a very big teaspoon.

I never go swimming..or anywhere near the water if I can help it...ahemm...not public-display-worthy body..but if you do then this is for you:  There are loads of sunscreens in the market that don't disappear when in water, and if you do go swimming, use them.  Sun damage is worse when in water - some science about the water intensifying the rays, but you know it's true if you have ever looked at yourself after a day at the water park :D

I use just about any body lotion with sunscreen in it as long as it is inexpensive and not too sticky - I had a big bottle of a Biotique lotion with SPF - I think it was Morning Nectar (?) - and Kaya Daily Use Sunscreen lotion - both meant for the face, but they didn't work for my face so I used them up on my hands and legs :D  Right now I don't have any sunscreen, so if you know a good inexpensive body lotion with SPF, please do share.  Very important  - it has to be nonsticky!

After a day out in the sun, a good cooling face wash followed by a calming face pack straight out of the fridge makes me feel much more at peace with life :D  The Lakme Sun Expert Cucumber and Lemon Grass range seems to be perfect for summers - the cheery yellow packaging, refreshing citrus smell, and the minty cool feel.

lakme sun expert cucumber lemon grass after sun face wash
Lakme Sun Expert Face Wash - don't know about fairness, but I
do love the refreshing coolness it gives.
lakme sun expert after skin lightening face mask cucumber lemongrass
Lakme Sun Expect After Sun Skin Lightening Mask - on trial right now :D
So these are my favorite products when it comes to beating the summer sun.  What's your must-have skincare list for the summers?

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