Jul 20, 2011

The Body Shop Bath Gloves

TBS Bath Gloves - get even more lather with textured bath mitts that exfoliate gently.


  • For extra exfoliation, use with a scrub from The Body Shop Bath and Body range.
  • Use two to three times a week for maximum effect. Regular exfoliating and massaging can help tone and firm the skin.
  • Rinse after use and hang to dry.
TBS Body Shop Bathing Exfoliating Gloves Mitts Reviews skincare makeup beauty blog

Available in a variety of colours (I was quite confused on which one to pick - there was a bright greeen shade too), the Body Shop exfoliating bath mitts are made of a nylon-type synthetic material with some stretch to it because of elastic fibers woven in.  There is only one size available, and since they stretch, I guess they would fit most hand sizes.

I use the exfoliating gloves only about 2-3 times a week - and not on a very regular basis either - with any regular body wash though never tried with an exfoliating body wash or a scrub.  I find these quite scrubby enough on their own, so I won't want to try out with an added scrub.  My skin feels really smooth after a wash with these, plus I love that they make it easier to wash off the body washes - even the irrtating slippery ones.  One step I would never skip is washing the gloves after I am done using them  - I know I sound crazy, but I wash them with soap and hang them to drip dry.  They look quite new even now, so I am quite happy :D

TBS Exfoliating Bath Mitts (available here) - Cost:  $5 (Rs. 250 I think).

In case anyone has the same doubt that my friend had, it's a pair.  You cannot buy just one.

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  1. he he he.....I think I've seen them before too on your blog sometime back...

  2. only 250/-!!! wow!! i wish some indian online site sell these :-(

  3. I have heard so much about these bath gloves but never thought of picking these.. Im thinking yyyyyy :(

  4. Cali - I didn't want to put up picture of used gloves, so used old photos from when I had bought it.

    Siri - Aww..maybe someone can send it for you. TBS is having a sale also now na :)

    Aarthi - Sale sale - go see :D

  5. I think everyone should own one of these. It makes a big difference. I own TBS's bath glove in WHITE. I always rinse it with water after each use. And then I leave it to hang for drying itself. Pretty good stuff.

  6. Plus I got my dad hooked on to TBS's exfoliating bath clothes lol. ^_~

  7. Haaaa..you dad likes TBS now? I can never convince my dad to try anything from there...my mom...she is a Lushie...she loves everything Lush :D

  8. LOL me and my Dad share the same bathroom so all my bath stuff is there so he uses this and that and I notice him smelling like TBS when he steps out of the bathroom and I am like SERIOUSLY? cause when ever I get something from TBS he is like ALL THIS GIRLY STUFF! and in the end he is one eatting his own words lol.

  9. I have the same orange ones Rads.....and they are great....I gave one pair to my sister and she is using it regularly and loving it..............:)....yeah sale is now on na.....tsk tsk....and you not in bangalore....and rati too busy.......me tbs-less this season....

  10. this is one of the best buys from TBS (apart from the nail file/buffer block for some 99 bucks or something) IMO.
    I had used a nice cranberry colored glove from an xmas edition for maybe 2-3 yrs and it was still good. so used one for scrubbing my bath fixtures :p and the other to my maid for general scrubbing lol
    I have gifted 2 or 3 blue ones to my male friends and my hubby too :D they all seem to love it he he

  11. sadly i did not like it....i find using loofah easier and better...but i did love the after effects of using it :)
    Jomo...u need something from TBS ??? let me know

  12. never tried anything from tbs.... maybe the sale is a good enough reason now ;)and your friend's doubt is really cute :)

  13. I purchased them really really late but i do like them. the only thing is i get lazy to use them. For me loofah or a regular scrub comes more handy.. gee i like the soap washing tip. I toh rinse them thoroughly with water only..

  14. I have it from ages but I am so lazy to use it.


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