Jul 3, 2011

A Mid-Summer Day FOTD

When everyone told me, it gets hot here in the summers, I wasn't very worried.  This isn't India, is it?   Well, I stand corrected - this weekend it was SUMMER!  We didn't do anything much, but we did go to downtown San Jose in the evening when the day had cooled down a bit with no specific plans other than walking around.

I have posted the same place before here.
And this is me :D
What I used:

Clinique Dermawhite City Block which works as a
primer/tinted moisturizer and sunscreen.
MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer.
Chanel Mat Lumiere powder foundation.
NYX HD  Eyeshadow base
Inglot DS 458 (brown) & AMC 63
YSL Mascara Faux Cils
Also used YSL lipstick, Elle 18 kajal, and Chanel JC blush Rose Petale - but I forgot to add those in the photos :)   So what about you...did you go anywhere this weekend?

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  1. ur the bessstesst blog photographer rads!!! <3

    and u looking super cool in the pic!! :D

  2. rads u looking soo cute in this :))

  3. I love your short cute hairstyle!! :)

  4. Thank you, Bhumika :)

    Gargi - It's grown out now and has a mind of it's own but thankoo :D :D

  5. lovely pics rads.... :) have you shifted permanently? i thought you were on vacation!

    you look a bit tired in the fotd... too much walking around?

  6. have u relocated??....or on a vacation?

  7. :D :D now i'm tempted to get a short hairstyle :( But I also want long hair @_@

  8. loved your pics and your pic too... cute happy smile :) those inglot shades look so good....

  9. Ramya - If you have an Inglot store where you stay, you should definitely check it out some time. The eyeshadows are quite nice :)

    Gargi - My hair just has to be kept shorter - not healthy enough to let it grow long, and I amn't the most disciplined person either with haircare :(

  10. Anks - yup..walked around a bit, and it was still very sunny :D

    Anon - Not relocated - just here for a while :)

  11. this pics are superrrrr....am so greeen....they r postcard types....
    you hv to write "this is me"...we didnt know :P...*vampire*

  12. Oh is cos the place is pretty..is actually prettier..I didn't take proper photos :) :) :D :D yeshhhh i had to write this is meeee :P

  13. oye Rads u luk cheery :D Amazing fotees <3 :*

  14. Rads, You have colored ur hair?

  15. Aarthi - just the roots...the brown that you see in the pic..it's just the lighting. My hair is not jet-black anyway :D

    Shweta - Thankoo :D What did you do over the weekend?

  16. Radsoooo..you look adoraaaable :*
    I feel like pulling your cheeks !

  17. Lazed around :D Am a super lazy person :P gt up late watched tv and thn sleep :P

  18. I liked you....your pics....you look exotic :)

  19. Everything looks so serene, including you!!! :)

  20. Hii Laksh..everything serene...I am sleeeeepy :D


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