Jul 14, 2011

The Much-Delayed Package That Finally Arrived!

The first time I have bought a product without ever trying it out - and it took so long to reach my place - any guesses on what this vanilla-scented delight is?

I have to thank two bloggers - Cali and Sireesha - both of them gave me this cute greeenie award.  Thank you :happydance:

Cali writes at The Beauty Diaries - you will find a lot of reviews on makeup and beauty products along with some very useful articles on blog networking there, but if you are ever going to Germany, you need to bookmark her blog.  She is the Indian blog expert on German beauty products :D

Sireesha writes at Destination Makeup - she is an unassuming quiet blogger with tons of talent and a very clear, simple way of writing, do check out her blog to learn about online shopping experiences as well amazing eye makeup made easy :) :)

As always, am sorry I am not picking anyone to pass on the award to.  Don't want to pick and choose..hope you understand.