Aug 19, 2011

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub

With bursting beads to wake you up, the Clean and Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub gently exfoliates skin with vitamin C and Ginseng.

I picked this up just because of the bright orange colour and the concept of bursting beads seemed like fun.  Even though it wasn't mentioned so on the packaging, I just assumed it's an exfoliating face wash, and I love multitasking products.

clean and clear morning burst facial scrub reviews ingredients

As it turns out, this is an exfoliating face wash - it lathers and does a good job of cleaning my face.  There are tiny granules and some orange particles scattered throughout the clear base.  While the product claims some bursts of freshness, I couldn't feel any beads bursting - so that didn't quite work out like I imagined.

clean and clear morning burst facial scrub reviews ingredients

Overall, this is a pleasant smelling (a fresh fruity smell but not citrusy like I imagined it would be) regular face wash and does provide some mild exfoliation, but this is listed as a scrub, so I won't rate it too highly.  It dries my skin out, so I alternate this with a milder face wash.


clean and clear morning burst facial scrub reviews ingredients

Final Verdict:  I didn't like it and don't think I would be buying it again.  It is a little drying for my skin, and I didn't find any benefit of exfoliation either.  This might be more suitable for the oily skin types.

Cost:  $6.49/142 g

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  1. Nice review..thanks for the heads up... :D

  2. Hi Gauri...have you tried Clean and Clear products - I buy once in a while though I do feel they don't really suit MY kind of skin :D

  3. Even I find clean and clear stuffs a bit drying for me....


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