Aug 5, 2011

ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen With Avacado and Almond Oils

With prices as low as a dollar, the eye, lips, and face makeup brand ELF is an one to experiment with, and it definitely helps that they cover a wide range of products.  My latest find is the Nourishing Cuticle Pen with avacado and almond oils, vitamin fortifiers E, A, C, and provitamin B6.

ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen with Avacado and Almond Oils Reviews Ingredients

I was expecting something like a brush dispenser, but this cuticle pen is exactly like a big fat marker - complete with a thick flat applicator.  This is nothing like the TBS cuticle pen that I have tried and hate.  The firm white applicator makes it very easy to use, and I didn't find it hard or scratchy at all.  It is the perfect design for pushing along the nail edges.  The oil itself is quite light and gets absorbed quite easily.  It not sticky and lacks any discernible fragrance, which to me is a plus point.

ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen with Avacado and Almond Oils Reviews Ingredients

Unlike so many gimmicky products with fancy price tags, this is one product that actually works.  Mostly because it is so easy to use, I have been using this quite regularly for some time now, and I have noticed a remarkable difference in the condition of my nails - more importantly of the skin surrounding the nails.  No itsy bitsy poky bits of dry skin here and there - just healthy, neat-looking nails.  I wouldn't call this a replacement for a hand cream, but it definitely keeps the skin looking healthy - sometimes all I need is a moisture boost around my nails without the fuss of massaging in a cream and waiting for it to get absorbed.  The packaging makes it convenient to carry around and easy to apply just about anytime..anywhere :)


ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen with Avacado and Almond Oils Reviews Ingredients

Cost:  $1.00 (plus tax)

My Verdict:  Awesome :) :) :) :)  It works just great plus the pen-type packaging is leakproof and easy to carry around.  I also read that you can refill/reuse the pen - you just unscrew the cap from behind and fill it with olive oil or any other oil of your choice.  The cap does seem like it can be taken off with a bit of effort, but I will wait till I finish the product to try that out :D

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  1. This looks promising :) I hope I can get this one from my country. Thanks for sharing ^^

  2. Hi are you? This looks like a good product. :)

  3. Sarah - ELF is quite difficult to get hold off outside of the US, isn't it? There are a lot of online sites opening now, though, so these might get easier to find soon :)

    Sabrina - fine..busy doing nothing :D How are you? Oh you should try this if you find it anywhere - I was actually looking for a corrector pen like you had suggested but found this one instead :D

  4. smug smug smug smug.....

  5. whr to find ELF products in Mumbai??? :-?

  6. Manali - I think you have to order online, but I couldn't find the ELF India website if there is any.

  7. I did see the TBS cuticle pen..thank god I did nt get it..!! wud check dis sumtym..we only have the online option :/ :(


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