Aug 13, 2011

NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliners (Swatches Only)

NARS takes eyeliner to the next level, infusing a super-creamy, smudge-proof formula with an unparalleled long-lasting finish.  The sleek, soft-touch mechanical pencil features a built-in sharpener for extra precision.  Formulated for the perfect balance between creaminess and structure and available in nine deeply dramatic shades, named after the most iconic streets in the world.

nars larger than life long-wear eyeliners swatches
Mariacarla Boscono
nars larger than life long-wear eyeliners swatches
NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliners

NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliners Swatches:


nars larger than life long-wear eyeliners swatches via veneto appia santa monica blvd abbey road rue bonaparte saint honore di rivoli madison avenue bourbon street

The eyeliners in this range are named after famous streets from all around the world and include (from left to right in the photo):
  • Via Veneto -  deep black - One of the most famous streets in Rome, Italy.  Federico Fellini's classic 1960 film La Dolce Vita was mostly centered around the Via Veneto area.
  • Rue Saint-Honoré - deep royal blue - The Rue Saint-Honoré is an ancient street in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, France. It is named after the collegial Saint-Honoré church situated in ancient times within the cloisters of Saint-Honoré.
  • Via Appia - copper brown - One of the earliest and strategically most important Roman roads of the ancient republic.
  • Abbey Road - iridescent turquoise - A street in London, England, after which the Beatles named one of their albums.
  • Bourbon Street - festive purple - A famous and historic street that spans the length of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana.  When founded in 1718, the city was originally centered around the French Quarter.
  • Madison Avenue - slate gray - An avenue in New York City, that’s name has been synonymous with the American advertising industry since the 1920s.
  • Rue de Rivoli - metallic forest green - One of the most famous streets of Paris that features some of the most fashionable shops in the world.
  • Rue Bonaparte - light almond - Laid down in the 16th Century, this French street accommodated some very fine distinctive mansions.  Today, it is an upscale home to fashion shops.
  • Santa Monica Blvd - crisp white - One of the most famous streets in Los Angeles County, California.
Price:  $23.00 each

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Note: Info/images provided by NARS. Swatches are mine.


  1. hi rads, lovely liners! I wish this brand were available in India...waiting waiting waiting...

  2. Hi Rads, just read your comment about the Clair's mood nail polish. It's too bad that they don't suit you. But you're right - the shop is mainly for young girls. In any case, I'm glad you at least found it. I wish such things were available in India though.

  3. Amritha - Yaaa..I wish they would turn up in India too :)

    Poohkie - Haa..they should open up a store in India...the shelves will get emptied in no time :D

  4. except last two i guess i liked all. :)) what is so larger than life about them? :P

  5. I had to scrub with the makeup remover cotton to get them off my hand - they are that long lasting :D Thats what larger than life about them - but I read Temptalia's reviews saying the black didn't last that long on the waterline. I wanted to get the black one, but what's the point if it no last on waterline :(

  6. I might still buy it though, just to try out, cos it was super duper black :D

  7. nice shades liked Madison Avenue the most!! :D


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