Lush Shower Jelly - Whoosh

Lush Shower Jelly Whoosh - Review

Anti-jetlag jelly for keeping you calm, cool and focused. If deadlines pass you by and you're left spinning at the end of each day, you need a pot of WHOOSH! It's an ultra-refreshing essential oil blend of lemon, lime and grapefruit juices with revitalizing rosemary and balancing geranium, which we put in there to wake you up a bit.

Lush Skincare Shower Jelly Whoosh Reviews Ingredients
Lush Skincare Shower Jelly Whoosh Reviews Ingredients

I am a bath/skincare products junkie and a total Lushie, and shower jellies are among the most unique I have tried in this category.  They fall somewhere between a body wash and a soap, and as the name implies, they are jellies - wobbly and squisy and a total blast to use.  Whoosh is a blue jelly that brings up visions of the clear blue sea mixed with citrusy freshness.

Lush Skincare Shower Jelly Whoosh Reviews Ingredients
Lush Skincare Shower Jelly Whoosh Reviews Ingredients
To use, I take about how much I have shown in the photo above - just pinch a roughly 1-inch cube of jelly - and smash it into bathing gloves or loofah.  Work up a lather and use like just about any regular body wash.  You can also take a big chunk of jelly and use it directly on skin, but I prefer my smash-and-lather technique to avoid wastage - the slippery jelly has a tendency to disappear down the drain :D

To be quite honest, beyond the novelty of using a jelly to bathe with, this is quite similar to any citrusy smelling, refreshing body wash.  It leaves my skin smooth, but I do find it a bit more drying than some of the Lush soaps I have tried.  It also takes a bit longer to wash off compared to soaps.  I love the smell, though, it doesn't linger on my skin beyond the bath.

Lush Skincare Shower Jelly Whoosh Reviews Ingredients

Verdict:  I love the smell and find it a fun change from my usual boring bath routine, but beyond that I don't find this any different from the usual Lush body washes.  It is less drying than the average body wash or soap, but compared to some of the Lush soaps this might not be the best pick for a dry-skinned person.  You can store the jelly in the fridge and use it for a cooling, refreshing change on a hot summer day.   Save the tubs - exchange 5 clean, empty tubs to get a fresh face mask of your choice free.

Lush Skincare Shower Jelly Whoosh Reviews Ingredients

Cost:  $10.95/240 g and $5.95/100 g (Available at Lush stores and online)

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