Sep 9, 2011

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner - Blackest Black

The newest addition to my steadily growing collection of gel liners is the most basic of the colours - black or Blackest Black as Maybelline has named this colour.

maybelline gel liner blackest black eyestudio lasting drama eyeliner makeup eotd reviews swatches
maybelline gel liner blackest black eyestudio lasting drama eyeliner makeup eotd reviews swatches
maybelline gel liner blackest black eyestudio lasting drama eyeliner makeup eotd reviews swatches

As is the typical Maybelline packaging for their gel liners, this comes in a glass pot and has a brush provided for using it.  The brush I really like because I don't have any other brush for applying liners, and this saves me any added expense, and while I cannot compare it to any other "proper" eyeliner brush, I find it perfect.  It is soft and gives a thin or thick line depending on how I want it.  Make sure you clean it after every use, even if you don't do it right away, because the liner staying on the brush makes it hard (and dirty) and can spoil it over time.

maybelline gel liner blackest black blackest eyestudio lasting drama eyeliner makeup eotd reviews swatches

This is a non-shimmery creamy black gel liner and is very easy to apply.  The colour is a true black and once dried it stays that way without fading or smudging.  Maybelline claims it is waterproof and the swatch stays intact through a water test, so that claim seems true, though I haven't tested it out any other way (like wearing it and going swimming).

Swatches:  I have swatched this along with the Elle 18 kajal (when I have it on for a long time, I find it tends to smudge and travel around my lower lashline) and the Avon Glimmersticks liner in Black (which is my favorite - no problems with it ever).

maybelline gel liner blackest black eyestudio lasting drama eyeliner makeup eotd reviews swatches
Swatches L to R:  Elle 18 kajal, Avon Glimmersticks (Black) eyeliner, and Maybelline Gel liner in Blackest Black
Pic 1 - Swatches applied - not smudged.
Pic 2 - Swatches smudged.
Pic 3 - Swatches after hand held under water for a bit.
maybelline gel liner blackest black eyestudio lasting drama eyeliner makeup eotd reviews swatches
On my eyes, I use this more often on my waterline rather than as a liner along my lashline.  This stays on a really long while, and though by the end of the day it tends to fade away, it never completely disappears, and more importantly for me, it definitely does not smudge or give me a horrible black eye.  It stays put as best as it can for as long as it can and quietly fades without leaving traces all around my eyes :D

I have not had any irritation with this, but occasionally I have had a bit of an itchy sensation in my eyes - it happens rarely and since I am prone to this with a dust allergy, I am not sure if it's the liner or it's just some random allergen irritating my eye.

Overall, I think this is a great basic black liner.  It stays put when used along the lashline with absolutely no problem till I take it off with an eye makeup remover.  On the waterline, it does fade away after some time (about 3-4 hours) but never completely disappears and definitely doesn't smudge.  The brush provided is definitely my favorite part of this product.

Cost:  About $7.00 at Target.

Note:  I have not tried the Maybelline Gel Liner in black that is sold in India, so I do not know if the this review would be applicable to that.

Another Note:  Heyyyy Beeeeniiiiiiiiiiiiii...I smiled :P

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  1. Looking nice n fresh Rads :) Whats on your lips? I love it when products say blackest black. Even if they are not that deep in color, psychologically I tend to like 'em :D

  2. So true..somehow just black doesn't sound black enough :D :D :D On my lips - it's a complicated long story: I started with a red lip liner...that didn't look too I put a peach-pink gloss over it..not good me just dabbed dabbed it out and put Maybelline My Mahogany over it :P :P :P

  3. finally u get the brush with gel :D

  4. Is the one BIG advantage with Maybelliner liners :D :D

  5. wow first time saw u smile, and you look sooo cute!! <3

    And brush looks great!! :D

  6. I like my scowly sulking face :D :D

  7. i liked your looking cute :D

    I dont have any gel liner,just coz I feel it would be too much to line with a brush..I still struggle with my pencils :|
    And I also have this dust allergy thing ,I get the same problem with maybelline's kajal..very sticky it ij

  8. geee i love dthis piccy. you look so fresh fresh. and I liked hair tied back . you looking sophisticated kinds.. smuuggggg

    I have it in brown :yahooooooo"

  9. oh i think i have indian version wala brown.. :|

  10. Ritika - is super easy with this brush..I cant explain why but somehow naa it doesn't tickle :| I thot it would and that I would sneeze..i know eye tickling doesnt cause sneezing but I thought I would :| always sophistitititicatedsss :smug:

  11. Yeshhhh...yours is Indian brown and mine is Phoren black :SMUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG:

  12. Nooo you got it from Thailand or Singapore or Dubai or somewhere...:| Why didn't you get the other colours??

  13. Rads.... you lookin soooo cuteee in the smile!!! as if youre upto some mischeif again.... hee hee heee huggss
    BTw- thanks for doing this review- my gel liner almost getting over and wanted to get either this or the loreal wala..... now me will get this!!!

    btw- did you attend fashion's night out on thursday? heard it was BIGG.
    I have classes today and 2moro so for a change Im a good gal :D

  14. You look niceee Rads....fresh and happy!! :D

  15. yesh yesh now toh you have everything phoren na.. smuugg and you have access to nangu palette alos. :(( me very sad .


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