Nov 17, 2011

Avon Simply Pretty Mini Eyeliner in Blue is Really Small, Says a Lil' Birdie

Avon Simply Pretty Mini Eyeliner in Blue - Line, define, and redefine your look.  Retractable pencil that doesn't pull or tug.  Won't smudge or budge.

I got this "mini eyeliner" free ages back with some Avon purchase, and I found it a few days back while cleaning and had a discussion about it with my two new roommates :P

Avon SImply pretty mini eyeliner makeup reviews swatches
"Isn't this Avon mini eyeliner a little too small?" I asked..munching on the chocolates.
Avon SImply pretty mini eyeliner makeup reviews swatches
Avon SImply pretty mini eyeliner makeup reviews swatches are extra-large, omega-3...never mind :-|
Avon SImply pretty mini eyeliner makeup reviews swatches
Moral of the story:  Don't bother talking makeup with the husband or the birds :P
It's a powdery blue colour that looks awful on my eyes, so no EOTDs, FOTDs, or any other TDs, but for all the curious cats, here's a swatch:

Avon SImply pretty mini eyeliner makeup reviews swatches

That was my brilliant post for the day.  I have been busy doing other things..useful things...err...nothing in particular...but how has your week been so far?

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  1. HA HA HA...
    ur roomies are sexy...umm the two out here i mean :p :p :p

    wont smudge or budge. LOL LOL. sure it wont, even from our purse zip pockets!
    i cant stop laughing!

    I got Oriflame's what's that i me, click it something liquid liner in blue. similarly small and quite the bah blue color.

    LOVELY POST i say!
    week has been long for me. TGIF! And writing was an achievement of sorts for me today for sure!
    Am going looking for inexpensive Xmas trees (un-natural ones!) this weekend :D who knows i may bake a cake too for my bub!

    wats u caring about?

  2. I excuse of a chocie cake..but we ate it up gobble gobble so am not complaining :D :D :D

  3. Awww,the birds..the liner everything is so cute, Rads :) This color would look ridiculous on me :P

  4. Heheee yaaa...I don't know how it would look on lighter skin tones, but on me is scary :D

  5. This looks like the blue chalk we used to have at home!

  6. shmaartttt shmmarrrrttt gal u r rads...posting pics of chociess and cute cute birds so that we dont pester u for any Tds....hehehehe...bheryyyyy cute post lekin!!!!!

  7. It does seem like chalk only :|

    Farhaaaaa me horrrible this pencil. When I don't like you at all, I will gift this to you :P

  8. Like the color but it wont suit me too :) Such a creative (cute) post Rads :)

  9. Wow!! such a cutie post!! :D :D
    "all you do is click and blog' lol :P


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