Nov 14, 2011

MAC Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleanser

MAC Brush Cleanser cleans, disinfects and conditions the brush fibers so that brushes will last longer. Convenient to use, specifically designed to extend the life of high quality brushes, the MAC Brush Cleanser leaves brushes smelling fresh and clean, and helps shorten their drying time.

MAC Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleanser Reviews Ingredients How To Use Directions
MAC Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleanser Reviews Ingredients How To Use Directions
Most people would list their first purchase from MAC as an eyeshadow, a lipstick, or perhaps a brush, but I am pretty sure I would be the only person who would answer "a brush cleanser" :D

How to Use the MAC Brush Cleanser

MAC Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleanser Reviews Ingredients How To Use Directions

MAC instructions on using the brush cleanser are written on the package, and I have added the photo above.  I use it a bit differently.  I pour a bit of the solution on to a clean paper tissue.  Then, I rub the brush into this tissue, and all the makeup residue comes clean off the brush and on to the tissue.  Wipe the brush on a clean dry paper tissue and leave to dry - clean, dry brushes in less than 5 minutes.  I don't rinse out as instructed by MAC.  Here's my very dirty MAC 187 brush coming out clean after using this brush cleanser:

MAC Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleanser Reviews Ingredients How To Use Directions
MAC Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleanser Reviews Ingredients How To Use Directions
MAC Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleanser Reviews Ingredients How To Use Directions

Needless to say, I am pretty much in love with the MAC Brush cleanser.  It's a lifesaver, specially since I like to have a clean brush every time I apply foundation, and I don't always have the time to wash the brush between uses.  My brushes come out clean and soft, and there is no noticeable residue from the cleanser left behind on the brushes.  I do, however, feel it is best to clean brushes with a gentle shampoo and water and leave the brush cleanser for times when you are hurried for time.

MAC Brush Cleanser (available here) - Cost $13

Back to MAC Cosmetics Makeup Return Products Get Free Lipstick
Back To MAC Program:  Because we share your commitment to the environment, M·A·C accepts returns of its primary packaging through the Back to M·A·C Program. By returning six [6] M·A·C primary packaging containers to a M·A·C counter or M·A·C Cosmetics Online, you receive a free M·A·C Lipstick of your choice as our thanks to you. Since 100% of the retail selling price of Viva Glam Lipsticks is provided to organizations that help people living with HIV/AIDS, these colours are excluded from this program.
That was my first buy from MAC.  Are you a MAC fan?  What was your first purchase..and if you haven't bought anything yet, is there a product you really really want to try from MAC?

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  1. wow! such a saver esp for ppl like who like wipes rather than makeup remover for face itself :p

    Am - mmm probably was a huge MAC fan.
    and my first purchase - a set - compact, blush, lippie and a 4pan e/s for my wedding. except the e/s rest were useless cos the shades were alright but not something that flattered my skintone (as i learnt from my sweet salonist from whom I took a makeup lesson lol)

    I had used up deep truth, amber lights and a b'ful plum e/s which were the best :D I still have and love amber lights!!!
    guess when it comes to e/s it has to be MAC for me...

  2. MAC does make some really nice eyeshadows na..I like the two gel liners that I have...Siahi and Dark Diversion..but otherwise I am a MAC dodo. I keep very quiet when people start MAC-talking :D :D

  3. @Radhika You're not a MAC dodo :) .. don't go down that eyeshadow path, it leads to an empty pocket. Hehe, jokes aside, if you really feel like playing around then you can spend some time swatching at the MAC counters. That's kind of my favourite de-stress activity. I wander around and play with the colours.

  4. This one looks so good...I want!

  5. I like it for spot cleaning too...this is such a blessing then. However, I can't go for more than 2-3 days with just this thing, I need to somehow wash it properly for a deep clean :D

  6. Fieran - Well..I have hardly any MAC products so I do feel like the dodo :D Oh swatch-swatch is my favorite thing to do at Sephora..:D

  7. Appu - ya it's not a permanent solution but does make my life so much easier when I am in a hurry :D :D

    Gauri - Do give this a try the next time you are at a MAC awesome for brushes :)

  8. O in that sense i am not a big Mac-cie when compared with lots.

    btw siahi and dark diversion aren't avail :( they have a gorgeous purple though in the new collection...and some really nice matte lippies :D

  9. Back to Mac- I almost forgot :P Thanks for reminding Rads :)

  10. I like your suggestion of using this as a quick-cleaning method, and leaving the heavy-duty work to a shampoo. I say this because I just "cleaned" my big, blush brush according to the package directions, and I had to "lather, rinse & repeat" three or four times until the water ran clear! So now I'm going to clean it--again--and my other brushes with baby shampoo, which at $2 is definitely the way to go! But like I said before: I will be using the MAC Brush Cleanser as you demonstrated above. Thanks;)


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