Dec 2, 2011

Bobbi Brown Living Beauty

Bobbi Brown first arrived on the beauty scene in 1991 with the launch of Bobbi Brown Essentials, and changed the face of makeup with a handful of 10 brown-based lipstick shades created to fill a void in the market of simple, flattering and wearable makeup. Bobbi’s philosophy was simple: "Women want to look and feel like themselves, only prettier and more confident." - Wikipedia.

Bobbi Brown Living Beauty is filled with Bobbi Brown's take on aging and various techniques to work through the skin changes associated with it.  With tons of amazing photographs, it covers everything from dermatologic procedures such as laser resurfacing and peels to simpler methods such as makeup, haircuts, and following a good exercise and diet plan. While this might seem like a book geared towards someone in the mid-30s, with her emphasis on bring out the natural beauty in every person, Bobbi Brown's philosophy would bring a positive effect at any age.  A must-read for anyone with an interest in makeup and beauty.

Bobbi Brown was a guest on the Dr. Oz show some time back, and she had recommended 3 must-have makeup products to look fresh and glowing, which are also listed in this book:

Concealer.  The one product that instantly improves the appearance of any face is an under-eye concealer - peach or pink toned correctors layered with a yellow-toned concealer.  Use a small-headed brush to apply the concealer and gently tap with your finger to blend it in.  Set with loose powder to avoid creasing.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist Recommendations Products Women Books Reviews Antiageing
Concealer to fight the undereye circles.
Blush as an instant face brightener.   You should have at least two blush colours - a natural one that looks like your cheeks are naturally flushed - and another blush that would give a pop of colour on the cheeks.  Powder blushes are easiest to blend and work with most skin types.  For people with dry skin and/or looking for a dewy look, cream blushes look great and also provide extra moisture to the skin.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist Recommendations Products Women Books Reviews Antiageing
Blush to given an instant glow and healthy appearance to the face.
Lipstick.  A lipstick colour that looks great on your friend might not look the same on you because how the lipstick looks depends on your skin and hair colour.  The best natural-looking shade would be one or two tones darker than the natural lip colour.  Safest combinations to work with:  A light, neutral lip to contrast a strong eye makeup and a bright or deep lip colour with a simple eye makeup.  (Safest combinations aren't necessarily the rules - use whatever you feel most confident with.)

Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist Recommendations Products Women Books Reviews Antiageing
Pick a soft, natural (a shade close to your natural lipcolour) shade of lipstick to complete the healthy, well-rested look.

I loved reading through this book, and while it made no recommendations on any Bobbi Brown products (another big plus point for me - I don't like books that push specific brands), it definitely got me interested.  Do you have any favorites from the Bobbi Brown line?