How to Apply Eyeshadows in 3 Easy Steps with Wet n Wild Knock on Wood Trio

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As a makeup newbie, I have read, scrolled, and watched my way through a ton of beauty blogs and makeup videos trying to figure out exactly how the beauty gurus blend and brush their eye makeup to perfection.  Of course, it's patience, practice, and talent that makes a good makeup artist, but if like me all you are looking for is an easy way to start using that eyeshadow palette you just bought, try these 3 easy/basic steps.

Before Applying the Eye Shadows:

1.  Prime the eyelids.  This helps hold the eyeshadows in place and also brings out the colours better.  I use the NYX HD eyeshadow base.

how to apply eyeshadows in 3 easy steps makeup tutorial wet n wild knock on wood trio palette eotd fotd looks

2.  Pick the shades you want to use.  You could use any colour you wish to, but for a basic eye makeup, select 3 eyeshadows in the same colour but different shades/intensities - a light, a medium, and a dark shade (for example -  a pale beige shade, a shimmery bronzy brown, and a darker matte brown).  You could also substitute the darker shade with black for a more intense look.  If you have a trio or a quad with instructions on the colours, you could just stick to that.  I am using the Wet n Wild Knock On Wood Trio.

how to apply eyeshadows in 3 easy steps makeup tutorial wet n wild knock on wood trio palette eotd fotd looks

How to Apply Eye Shadows in Three Easy Steps

1.  Apply the medium shade to the entire eyelid.  Use a flat eyeshadow brush and a patting motion to deposit the colour all over the eyelid.  Do not take the colour right up to the crease but stop just short of it. 

2.  Use the darker shade in the crease area.  Use a tapered/dome-shaped brush to buff the colour in.  An easy way to find your crease area is to follow the contour of your - the crease would be the line you would feel along the eyeball as it disappears into the socket.  Raising your eyebrows up gently while blending makes it easier to apply the crease colour.

3.  Use the lightest shade as a highlighter over you browbone.  A guide to placing this is the eyeshadow should mimic and catch light in exactly the same way as your skin would normally do in the sun when you move your face sideways.

how to apply eyeshadows in 3 easy steps makeup tutorial wet n wild knock on wood trio palette eotd fotd looks
how to apply eyeshadows in 3 easy steps makeup tutorial wet n wild knock on wood trio palette eotd fotd looks

Once all the colours are placed appropriately, check the final look and blend out any harsh lines with a clean blending brush.  Use a very gentle hand and just buff along the edges of the lines - avoid sweeping motions or using any extra pressure as it would just mix up all the shades together.  At any rate, don't worry too much about it - if the blending doesn't look too good, just mix up all the shades to get a pretty new shade and claim that's the look you were going for anyway :D :D  That was my as easy as 1-2-3 guide, and here's the final look:

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Wet n Wild eyeshadow trio provided by PR.

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  1. Am just learning..but thanks, Sara :)

  2. cuuuuuuute!! :D :D :D You looking soo sweet and innocent in last pic..and niceee tutorial!! :)

  3. loved the final look! nice tut!

  4. u explained it soo well Rads :D u always do waise, but still me not very good at this :\
    Me like ur EOTD :)

  5. Goody :) now i can atleast read ur blog....have tuned it on my phone

  6. Neat! :)
    I like the part where u ask us not to worry about it too much :D
    and i see Knock on Wood is knocking u off - its such a pretty combo and made for u it seems!

  7. I love it! Great tips! Please checkout my new blog.. I'm new to the beauty blogging scene!

    thanks so much! Would mean everything if you looked around and commented!

  8. Gaea - That's the option that I ultimately end up with :D :D :D :D It is a pretty combo and so inexpensively priced too :D

    Priya - You so busy! Sighh..speaks volumes of my laziness if I feel bad for you even when I am unemployed :D :D :D

    Gargi - Thankoo :D

    Nupur - Noooooooooo you are AWESOME with liners!!! Donchoooo say you aren't good!

  9. Easy and simple steps and it looks great on you.


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