Dec 1, 2011

Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask - deep cleaning, skin brightening mask inspired by traditional Indian ayurvedic principles.  Fresh free range eggs and honey to soften, with astringent lime oil, antiseptic rosemary and exfoliating ground almonds.

Lush Fresh Face Masks Use Directions Reviews Ingredients Brazened Honey

Lush fresh masks are a preservative-free blend of fresh fruits and other skin-friendly ingredients that need to be stored in the fridge and used up in about a month.  The Brazened Honey fresh face mask is a skin-brightening mask with Kaolin to pull out excess oils and grime from the pores and fresh fruit juices and honey to give a healthy glow to the skin.  Ground almonds provide a bit of exfoliation.

Lush Fresh Face Masks Use Directions Reviews Ingredients Brazened Honey
Lush Brazened Honey fresh face mask is a pale yellow mask with a pleasant herbal smell.  There are a few bits and pieces here and there, not a smooth paste, but it's easy to apply and does not fall off in bits and pieces.

How to Use the Lush Brazened Honey mask

I use it exactly as described by Lush:  Cleanse your face and pat dry.  Smooth a good dollop of fresh face mask over your entire face, making sure to avoid the eyes and mouth. Leave the mask on for about ten minutes (do not let the mask dry completely). Wash off with warm water.  Follow with your favourite toner and moisturizer.

My Experience with Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

My skin type:  Oily-combination skin type that needs a lot more moisture in the winters.  The Brazened Honey is a perfect face mask for me.  It leaves my skin looking fresh, healthy, and well-rested - a definite winner in terms of skin brightening.  While the mask itself feels a bit coarse with the ground almonds in it, I didn't notice much exfoliating effect from them.  I did get clearer, smoother looking skin, so something is working.  Lush does caution that sensitive skins might want to avoid this mask due to the skin-stimulating ingredients in it, but I at least haven't had any problems with using this mask.  I would suggest picking up a sample of this instead the next time you are at a Lush store and find out if it works for you.

Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask - Ingredients

Lush Fresh Face Masks Use Directions Reviews Ingredients Brazened Honey

Lush Brazened Honey fresh face mask (available here) - Cost 6.95/2.1 oz

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  1. this seems nice rads... i ll get this too, n woh cosmetic warriors bhi :)
    thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. you looooove your lush... don't you?

  3. Hi Furfurrr..hope they work for you :D

    Ankita - Yup I do..especially their fresh face masks :)

  4. This seems appropriate for my skin type, as well, though I am always a little bit wary of LUSH products. I would never use that entire thing up before it expired!

  5. They are a little difficult to finish off on time, aren't they?

  6. Haven't tried anything from Lush yet and can't seem to make up my mind! Would really appreciate your recommendations Radhika - I have oily/acne prone skin which is combination type in winters. Could you suggest a good cleanser/face mask for my skin type?


  7. Hi Ankita :) Hmm..try Fresh Farmacy for a cleanser and perhaps Cosmetic Warrior for a face mask. Cosmetic Warrior might be a bit drying if you use it more than once a week, but it is awesome for the acne-prone skin types. Or you could try Dark Angels - it's a cleanser but I like to use it as a mask and wash off after about a minute or two. It soaks up oils really well.

  8. Thanks Rads! I also had Fresh Farmacy in mind!


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