Feb 14, 2012

Foundations: 4 Tips and 1 Toss

When applied properly, foundation can take skin from looking dull and uneven to healthy and flawless. Foundations, like almost all makeup, though have their own limitations and drawbacks - while a heavy foundation might be perfect for a certain occasion, it might be just too much for another.  Scroll down to read some tips and tricks to get the most effect with this makeup product.

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#1.  Skin colour changes with the seasons - darker in the summer and going paler in the winters.  To change the shade of your foundation, mix a bit of tinted mositurizer.
#2.  So you got this sheer foundation that you love, but want a thicker coverage one day?  Just mix a small amount of fine powder with the foundation to give it a heavier feel.  Mixing concealer with the foundation is another way to get more coverage with the same foundation.
#3.  Mix light-reflecting foundation with your regular body moisturizer to give your hands and legs that extra sheen and glow.
#4.  If you don't have a concealer, use a brush to pick up foundation that has collected around the edges of the bottle (that's usually thicker) - while not really the same coverage as a concealer, this thicker foundation would work quite well too.

And the toss?  Water-based foundations last about 1 year and oil-based foundations about 1-1/2 years - so toss them out if it doesn't feel quite right.  This a general rule, though, so check your product label for the actual expiry dates.

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