Feb 13, 2012

Vintage, Valentines, and a Pair of Hearts

Valentine's day has never been a big occasion in our house - sure, I always remind my husband to get me a gift for the day, and he does his part by listening to whatever I told him and promptly disregarding it :-| :-|  I give up and move on to asking for my birthday gift.  This year is no different, and I am once again left with no choice but to start my campaign for the "birthday gift" bright and early in February (my birthday is in June).  Apart from attempts at scoring a gift, though, I really don't like all the fuss associated with the day - the colured hearts and singing teddy bears that pop everywhere.  I did pick up these earrings, though, and quite contrary to my proclaimed dislike to all things "heart," these I quite like.

heart-shaped earrings womens jewelry vintage inspired shopping inexpensive target shopping gifts
I picked up these heart-shaped earrings with a vintage feel to them from Target.
Since I don't really like to use the H-word, an equally anti-Valentine friend of mine chipped in and helped out with this statement "They are inverted paan leaves, Rads, not hearts!"  Perfect :D :D

Wishing you all a happy Valentine's day - hope it's filled with chocolates, ice creams, and a lot of love (the real kind - not the one that comes in a card and sings when you open it :P :P)

Disclaimer:  I have nothing against gifts - in fact, I have been known to bully people into getting me gifts - just prefer getting grownup gifts like the kind I would actually want to buy for myself.

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