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Spotted these girls somewhere along the 17-Mile Drive - loved the colours and the bling :D
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  1. Aaaah...if I was this fit..I would need to starve for days to get my tummy this flat :D :D

  2. LOL I too thought it's you Rads :D


    1. Should have left out the writing!! :D :D :D Sighh but I don't look anything like this :(

  3. They look so chic! Nice click Rads :)

  4. I love the 17 mile drive... its so fab. and I love the lone cypress so much :)
    even I thought it was you Rads... too much resemblance!

  5. I can keep going back there I think :) Hahhaaa I don't look anything like this..but I guess I managed to create a nice online fake profile for myself :D :D :D :D


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