Caudalie Organic Grape Water Spray

Caudalie Organic Grape Water Spray (available here) - $8/50 mL and $13/100 mL.  100% USDA certified organic grapes. Extracted directly from grapes during the harvest and enriched with moisturizing polysaccharides and mineral salts - this mist soothes, refreshes, and hydrates the skin.

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I bought the Caudalie Grape Water spray a while back to use during the dry winter months - the heater tends to make the air very dry and leave my skin feelign quite parched.  Being acne-prone, I didn't want to move to an oilier moistruzer, so compromised with a spritz of this.  The packaging is quite simple, and it delivers a fine even mist every time.  My only gripe is there are always some droplets around the nozzle, and I have to leave the bottle standing upright to avoid leaks.  I don't know if I just got a faulty bottle or if it's something with the way I spray this :-|

Vitis Vinifera face facial caudalie organic natural skincare blog beauty toner softener hydrating moisturizing spray grape water summers dry reviews ingredients

How To Use the Caudalie Grape Water Spray

The spray looks and feels just like water, and I couldn't really detect any fragrance to it either.  It doesn't leave behind any obvious residue on my skin either.  A few ways to use this spray
  • As a moisturizing, refreshing toner:  Right after I clean my face and before applying my moisturizer.  This gives a bit of moisture to my skin and helps the moisturizer absorb better.
  • To set makeup:  Spritz lightly over powder foundation to avoid any chalky appearance.
  • Hydrating spritz any time of the day:  A fine mist of this any time of the day gives an instant boost of hydration to the skin.  Store it in the fridge for a refreshing spritz on a hot sunny day.
It's a simple product that does what it says.  I have not noticed any drastic difference in my skin with using this, but I do like the idea of using grape water (which I am assuming has some antioxidant benefits) instead of plain water or a concoction of preservatives and chemicals.  Love the spritzer but do wish the little leakage issue wasn't there - I didn't see any mention of it on any reviews, though, so it might just be something with the bottle I got!

Caudalie Grape Water Moisturizing Spray - Ingredients

caudalie organic natural skincare blog beauty toner softener hydrating moisturizing spray grape water Vitis Vinifera face facial summers dry reviews ingredients
Caudalie Grape Water Spray - Ingredients:  Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit Water
Formulated without: Parabens, sulfates, synthetic Fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrohemicals, phthalates.
Lush Breath of Fresh Air
Shiseido Hydro-balancing Softener


  1. ohhhh......ssoo this is the one.... :P me likey :D

  2. thinking of woodwards grapewater :D
    mommy-to-be phase i guess :P

    1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...and I found out the secret to the glowing skin :* :*

    2. hehehe :) yeahhh...multivitamins doing good :D

  3. Replies
    1. I spray it very lightly on my face after I do a regular face wash...and then apply's like a mini-facial for me :P It helps the cream get absorbed faster and better rather than applying over dry skin. :D

    2. Oh grt.. Thnks for sharing :)

  4. I had this and the nozzle did the same annoying thing with the water settling all around it. Pretty damn irritating!

    It's a good product, though. I love Caudalie.

  5. Oh thank there IS something wrong with that nozzle :D :D I have the face wash and liking that one too :)

  6. I have been using a similar product by la Roche posay it's their thermal water mist. Sprays finely and evenly and I use it exactly the way you are using yours, except I am skeptical about any claims to skin rejuvenation since it really is just water. I use it with the toleraine riche cream when my skin misbehaves!

    1. Hi Anila :) A friend of mine uses that and LOVES it! I get what you mean about it being just one reason why I picked this up, instead, and I don't know if this is any better than a plain water spritz really..but I love spraying it on so I use it :D :D :D


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