Apr 1, 2012

Because Beautiful Skin Starts From the Inside!

I do have acne-prone skin that's also quite sensitive and occasionally breaks out into teeny red spots, but it's not a common occurrence, and generally it's just old blemishes and pores that I have made my peace with.  While good makeup can definitely cover up blemishes, I don't really have the patience for it.  Besides, isn't healthier-looking skin so much better than the caked up version?  It's not as quick as a dab of foundation, but a few easy changes can make a major difference to how you look and feel. Here a few things that work:

1.  Start with the ABC's...and D and E:  Vitamins - those are the basic alphabets of skincare.  Vitamin A, D, and E promotes formation and development of new, healthy skin.  Vitamin B and C promote firmness and elasticity.  Eggs, dairy, fresh green vegetables, beans, and whole grains provide all this and more.  Toss in a handful of nuts or seeds for omega-3 fats that keeps skin and hair healthy (also found in fish like salmon).

healthy skincare nutrition diet tips

2.  Water:  Water is the major component of our body right down to the smallest skin cell, and a lack of water, leads to skin looking dull and tired.  Fresh fruits and salads and at least 8 glasses of water a day helps, but also cut down on caffeinated drinks that tend to drain out water from the body and hinder absorption of nutrients.

healthy skincare water drinking hydration

3. Always Use a Sunscreen.  A little sun is good (Hello, vitamin D!), but as with anything in excess, sun's rays too can cause harm - skin aging, wrinkles, spots, and the worst of all, skin cancer.  A good sunscreen goes a long way in protecting the skin from these damages - pick one with physical sun protectors like titanium dioxide and a broad-spectrum that works against both UV-A and UV-B rays.  If possible, use a hat, umbrella, or other phsyical forms of sun protection and avoid stepping out on hot, sunny days between noon and 3 p.m. to escape the harshest rays.
healthy sunscreens skincare protection sunblock

4.  Get Moving!  Exercise speeds up the heart rate and gets the blood moving faster - gets oxygen into the tissues faster and drains out impurities faster too.  It also increases metabolism and reduces stress levels, and not only does your skin look better, you would also feel happier.

healthy skincare tips exercise

5.  Beat the stress.  There's more to stress than what it does to your mind.  The hormonal spikes caused as a result of our body's response to stress also cause physical damage to our body, and the skin is no exception.  Wrinkles, dullness, and acne are all common side effects.  The next time you are stressed, go out for a walk, read a book, light up some candles, and listen to your favorite song - a little quiet time would definitely leave you fresh and ready to tackle that problem after all!

healthy skincare tips tricks relaxing walks

6.  Zzzzzzzzzzz!  Early to bed and early to rise - well, that definitely leaves your skin healthy, glowing, and nice.  The time that we sleep is when our skin actually works at repairing and renewing itself, and a lack of this can lead to dullness and breakouts.  I notice a big difference in my skin if I just sleep properly for a few nights.  At least an hour before sleep time, switch off the computer and the TV and settle down with a book or some soothing music - helps fall asleep faster.

So these were 6 things that have worked for me so far, and trust me it's much easier and more effective than any fancy skincare cream or concealer.