Apr 27, 2012

Guest Post on Makeup and Beauty Blog!

The fabulous Karen from the Makeup and Beauty Blog (yes, the one who works for Tabs!) is off on a vacation to beautiful Kauai, and I am one of the bloggers she invited to write guest posts on MBB while she is away :D :D :D  My post just went up on MBB, so do check it!

Read the post here!


  1. Found your blog thru hers! A soon to be new follower :) ( thru google reader )

  2. radss...its a beautiful color and its just so subtle but lovely...when i saw the first pic i was like...thats not your lippyyyy...and then bang...its yours :D...will keep it in pointer for myself....and karen blog...wowo...congratsssss

    1. Err..little confused about which lipstick..but thanks anyway :D

  3. err...where did i comment...it was for the
    NARS lippy....

  4. i loved your article Rads...the 3rd look was my favorite :) fabulous pics like always :)


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