May 23, 2012

The Better Buy: MAC Fluidlines Vs. Maybelline Gel Liners

I have been obsessed with gel liners since my first buy - MAC Siahi.  Once I came to the US, I discovered the Maybelline gel liners and quite promptly bought almost all the shades.  Two reasons why I went on a crazy Maybelline-buying spree - the handy brush included in the packaging and if you pick up during a sale, you get 2 Maybelline for the price of 1 MAC Fluidline!  Now that's math even I can understand :D  A year later, here's my opinion on MAC Fluidlines versus the Maybelline gel liners.

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I store all my gel liners upside down with lids tightly screwed on to prevent them from drying.  All my Maybelline liners, though, are almost dried out while the 2 older MAC Fluidlines that I have are going strong.  Needless to say in this case at least, it's you get what you pay for!  While I still think Maybelline makes some of the best affordable drugstore makeup, when it comes to gel liners, I prefer the pricier MAC ones.  Now, if only MAC would give the eyeliner brushes for free :P :P

What about you - which is your favorite gel liner?

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  1. Soooooooo many gel liners Radsssss..I liked the too keep my gel liners and cream eyeshadows upside down..more to know their color when I want to pick any up!!! :P :P

    1. Ya that's another reason to store them upside down :D

  2. Rads, this happened even with my Smashbox cream liners.. have you tried scraping a lil layer off? It least we can get some use out of the product that way :D :D

  3. Ya it does help to scrape out the top's what I have been doing off late...and I guess I could buying something like Inglot Duraline to mix in and loosen it up, but just sooooooooooooo much work :D :D


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