May 19, 2012

Weekend Ramblings Snapshot Love - My Fabulous FOTDs

Modesty and humility is all good, but sometimes when you have something so incredible beautiful, you just have to go out there and shout it out to the world!  So here, I present to you my best, awesomest, most beautiful FOTD ever :P :P :P

Weekend Ramblings Snapshot Love - My Fabulous FOTDs
Flowers Of The Day - Picked up the miniature parade rose from Whole Foods and the Begonias (or at least that's what I think they are) from Lowes.  I am hoping Miracle-Gro lives up to its claims :fingers crossed:


  1. wow, I am loving how your blog is looking right now! So clear and beautiful! Lovely flower pictures u have clicked! Kind of makes me feel like I should buy some seeds and grow some flowers :P.


  2. It's so infectious, isn't it..the gardening bug!! Everyone here seems to be busy with yard work and buying plants..I just hope I manage to keep them growing properly..amn't the best gardener :(

  3. I love the coral color of the Begonias! Very pretty :)

    1. I love how the leaves look all washed and clean..


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