Jun 15, 2012

5 Steps to The Perfect Shave

They say "spring cleaning," but at least as far as my hands and legs are concerned, the real cleaning starts only by summer when it's time to get out the shorter clothes. Without the cardigans and the boots to hide them under, it's the time when my hands and legs need to look smooth and bald :P  Among all the hair-removal options out there, I find shaving the easiest/cheapest method - and since I haven't yet mastered the art of planning ahead of time, it's the one I resort to most often, at the last minute.  Lazy or not, you cannot beat the convenience of a razor, and here's my easy checklist to get that perfect shave!

Shaving Easy Inexpensive Pain-free Hair Removal Steps How To

1.  A warm water shower/bath before shaving helps soften the hair and helps get a closer shave.

2.  A gentle scrub helps take any dead skin buildup and helps with a smoother shave.  Since I have sensitive skin that's always looking for excuses to get all blotchy, I do a gentle scrub a day before or just use a loofah so my skin isn't all irritated before I shave.

3.  Use a creamy soap or a foamy shave cream to get a smoother shave.  Hair conditioner works just great too (I love Lush's Retread), and I find it more moisturizing!  Or try one of those razors with big chunks of soap attached to the head - like the one in the photo (Venus Proskin).

4.  Shave in the direction opposite to the hair growth.  Use a light touch while shaving and use new blades - using older/dull ones with more pressure tends to cause nicks and cuts rather than a smoother shave.

5.  Once you are done, slather on a rich creamy moisturizer to soothe the skin and to prevent it from flaking.

That's it - easy, convenient, and perfect for any lazy girl (or guy) out there.  Enjoy your summer and don't forget the sunscreen!

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  1. I still have to find a good razor for my skin.. any suggestions Rads?

    1. Hi Aarthi..sorry about the LATE reply :P I never did use any "proper" shaver in India - was quite dependent on my Braun epilator and would buy any disposable pack shaver..though, something like this Venus is available in India also.

    2. Im so scared to use epilators !! Will try to find something from Venus, thanks Rads.

    3. I guess it's just the way those epilator heads are arranged..with all those miniature tweezing heads - looks pretty scary, doesn't it? Actually, it's quite painless (sort of on the waxing level) :D

  2. Since most of us have no time, we just rush through the shave which will not show the effects now, but later will definitely give skin trouble. I shave in the middle of my bath when my body is supple, finish my bath and come out and moisturize my skin. For lathering I use Dove because it has milk in it, for the moisturizer, I use Parachute advansed body lotion summer fresh because of the coconut link in it that keeps the skin soft and helps lighten the tone.

  3. Hi Reshmi :) Thanks for the comment..your routine seems just perfect! And you are right..rushing through does have long-term consequences :(


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